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"Sanqing" brand clamp-type pipe fittings, grooved pipe fittings and thin-walled stainless steel pipes are made of stainless steel 304 series or 316 series. They are widely used and have the characteristics of durability, low maintenance, large water supply, and low pollution. The clamp-type connection can be constructed simply and quickly, and the resistant to compression of system reaches 2.4Mpa, and the working pressure reaches 1.6Mpa. Clamp-type connection range is DN15-DN100, groove type connection range DN125-DN300.The exposed pipe installation or concealed pipe installation is used to meet the national pipeline construction specifications of GB50242-2002. Pipes with a diameter of less than 100 mm are connected, which saves labor and materials. clamp-type, saving both labor and material, and is a new type of material recommended by the Ministry of Construction. The pipe material adopts the national standard GB/T19228.2, and the pipe fitting meets the national standard GB/T19228.1. The products meet the sanitary requirements of GB/J17219-1998.


The "Sanqing" thin-walled stainless steel pipe system is a functional product. The quality of the product focuses on the reliability of the source of raw materials and the stability of the production process, and is characterized by the new clamp-type connection technology. The system has shown reliable stability during the five years of work after being put on the market, and has been widely praised by users. Many regular customers have repeatedly adopted it in their continued development projects.


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