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Our company specializes in the production of stainless steel welded pipes mainly including SUS 304. The products are mainly made of SUS 304 cold rolled in original factory according to the national GB/T19228 standard with complete product specifications, and the quality management is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, to ensure that we win the trust of customers with excellent quality, good service and preferential prices. The surface quality of the product is good, no black line, no crush and linear strain, suitable for polishing and electroplating with the accurate scale (roundness error/_0.05mm; thickness error/_0.02mm), the material texture is flexible, which can be welded firmly. The argon arc welding technology is used, protected with the argon added inside.  The welding seam is flat, welded thoroughly, the bending does not crack, with good eversion, suitable for compression, flaring, punching, stretching, bending, etc., This product is widely used in production plants such as tableware, bathroom accessory, handles, medical equipment, electronic products, household products, mechanical assembly, and hardware products. It can be polished, drawn with sanding band and straightening sand according to customer requirements. Our mission is to provide a complete set of solutions for the production and manufacturing of high-end products, design and produce the products that customers need with efficient and practical business methods, and become a reliable supplier of stainless steel pipe manufacturers with high standards, high technology and high requirements at home and abroad.


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