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Cangzhou Sanqing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Its main products include thin-walled stainless steel pipes, pipe fittings and various water fittings. Cangzhou Sanqing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. The Company's sales headquarters is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai and the production base is located in the Xinhua District Industrial Park, Cangzhou City.

What are the connection methods of stainless steel water pipes and which are reliable?

In the current Chinese market, there are many ways of stainless steel pipe connection, including flexible type, clamp type, flange type, compression type and so on. Which way is better for our family to use stainless steel water pipe?

Stainless steel water pipe -- building water network of high rise building

With the rapid development of urbanization in China, many high-rise buildings have sprung up. The following high-rise water supply problems also appeared. Water pipeline plays the role of "neural network" in high-rise buildings.

In the pipeline engineering, why do you like to use the stainless steel pipe?

In recent years, the application of stainless steel pipe in pipeline engineering is more and more, which has become an indispensable part of pipeline engineering. It is used in common building water supply and direct drinking water pipe laying.

Looking at the trend from developed countries, how will China's stainless steel water pipes develop?

In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's national economy, more and more people begin to care about health. Stainless steel pipes began to enter people's view. Because water quality is a very important aspect related to health

Promotion and application of stainless steel water pipe and gas pipe in green building

Piping is an important part of the building, because the proportion of investment is small, it is often ignored, so the frequency of problems is relatively high, which is to pay attention to.

Ensure the health of drinking water in the last kilometer

In recent years, the problem of water quality safety is increasing day by day, and secondary pollution has also entered the public's attention. In order to promote water health, local government departments vigorously promote the operation of stainless

Application of thin wall stainless steel pipe in HVAC field

The thin-walled stainless steel water pipe is the most high-end water pipe at present. It can work normally at minus 30 ° and high temperature 200 ° and has high strength and will not burst. Compared with the commonly used PPR water pipe,
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