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Groove type 90 ° elbow

Sanqing card type pipe fitting process characteristics: simple operation, fast, low installation cost. The construction quality of the clamping connection is reliable. The clamping type stainless steel water pipe has a long service life. The construction site of clamping connection shall be clean, civilized and safe. The labor intensity of the workers operating the clamp type pipe connection is small.

Key words:

Groove type 90 ° elbow


Grooved pipe fittings

Product Details

Product Features:

1) Cold rolled products have good gloss and beautiful appearance;

2) Due to the addition of Mo, corrosion resistance, especially pitting corrosion resistance, is high;

3) High temperature strength; From "I want stainless steel \'

4) good processing hardening (weak magnetism after processing)

5) non-magnetic in solid solution state;

Scope of application:

Kitchen equipment, food machinery, elevator decoration, construction engineering, environmental protection equipment, chemical equipment, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical equipment and other industries or fields.

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