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Straight union

Sanqing card type pipe fitting process characteristics: simple operation, fast, low installation cost. The construction quality of the clamping connection is reliable. The clamping type stainless steel water pipe has a long service life. The construction site of clamping connection shall be clean, civilized and safe. The labor intensity of the workers operating the clamp type pipe connection is small.

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Straight union


European Standard Series

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"Sanqing" brand card type pipe fittings, grooved pipe fittings and thin-walled stainless steel pipe is made of stainless steel 304 series or 316 series production, the use is very wide, with durable, less maintenance, large water supply, pollution and other characteristics. The construction of the clamping connection is simple and quick, the system has a compressive capacity of 2.4Mpa and a service pressure of 1.6Mpa. The category of compression connection is DN15--DN100, and the category of groove connection is DN125-DN300. The open pipe installation or dark pipe installation can meet the pipeline construction specifications GB50242-2002 by the state. Pipes with a diameter of less than 100mm are connected by clamping type, which saves both labor and materials. It is a new type of material recommended by the Ministry of Construction. The pipe adopts the national standard GB/T19228.2, the pipe fitting standard adopts the national standard GB/T19228.1, and the product meets the sanitary requirements of GB/J17219-1998.

"Sanqing" thin-walled stainless steel pipe system is a functional product. The product quality focuses on the reliability of raw material sources and the stability of production process, and is characterized by a new type of clamping connection technology. The system has shown reliable stability in the five-year work after being put on the market, and has been widely praised by users. Many old customers have repeatedly adopted them in the projects they continue to develop.

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