What are the other classification of pressure type stainless steel water pipe?

stainless steel pipe is favored by pipeline engineering and occupies a very important position. It is widely used in building water supply and direct drinking water pipelines, forming an irresistible development trend. In fact, it has been used in many decoration fields. It has been used many times for key projects of four-star and five-star hotels, hospitals, schools or government departments. It has advantages over plastic pipes in terms of performance, environmental characteristics and durability. In addition to the normal classification of equal diameter, reducing diameter and elbow, the fittings of clamping type stainless steel water pipe have both clamping characteristics and clamp connection characteristics, which are referred to as groove clamping pipe fittings. After the


pipe fittings are laid in the main pipeline in the waterway, they need to be replaced with a small-diameter clamping interface when entering the building unit or entering the house to facilitate subsequent construction. How to classify the clamping type stainless steel water pipes? According to the specifications and models, they are generally divided into equal diameter, elbow and other types. Today, the small editor will give you a detailed introduction.

equal diameter pipe fittings are divided into equal diameter direct and tee according to specifications. equal diameter can be directly understood literally to know its appearance and purpose. if two water pipes with the same diameter are not long enough, equal diameter can be directly connected. Equal tee stainless steel clamping is T-shaped, which is not difficult to understand, meaning that the water pipe is divided into two, and the diameter of the three water pipes is the same. Elbow and clamp-type stainless steel water pipes are divided into equal diameter direct bend elbows according to their shapes, which are mainly used in places where water pipes need to turn at 45 degrees. Bending is mainly used in piping systems at 90 degrees at right angles.

clamp type stainless steel water pipe has a special performance, small make up here to introduce to you:

1. has a strong seismic function, known as the "five impervious". It is one of the few systems that can meet this standard in China so far.

2. The clamping type stainless steel water pipe has strong corrosion resistance and has been treated with high-tech interface hard film shielding anti-corrosion technology.

3. Very good economy. Generally, the normal service life can reach more than 70 years, and the use process hardly requires maintenance, which reduces the trouble of maintenance, is economical and durable, and has superior cost performance.

4. The clamping type stainless steel water pipe has good sanitary performance. The inner and outer surfaces are polished and purified to meet medical and food hygiene standards. The clamped stainless steel water pipe will not cause water pollution and has excellent hydraulic characteristics.

5. wide range of application, can be used for some strong earthquake, settlement and other severe areas.

6. The structure is very simple and the installation is very fast. Special double-card hydraulic tools are used for installation, which is completed in one time. This can save construction costs.

Other classifications of clamping type stainless steel water pipes. As the name implies, the size head is large at one end and small at the other. When two water pipes with different diameters are connected, the size head is used. Adjustable direct is not very common, but it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight and healthy environmental protection. Stainless steel water pipe specifications and maintenance, waterways can not be a straight pipe through the bottom, the middle turn or.