One minute to share the knowledge points of the pressure type stainless steel water pipe

For the specification and maintenance of clamped stainless steel water pipes, the waterway cannot have a straight pipe. When the middle turns or the length is not enough, the pipe fittings are always needed for connection. Today, Xiao Bian will share with you the relevant knowledge points of the clamping type stainless steel water pipe.


groove clamp pipe fittings are commonly used in groove clamp reducing joint and groove clamp reducing tee. This pipe fitting retains the characteristics of the two connection modes and is connected by spot welding and argon arc welding. It is convenient to use when the main pipe is changed into branch pipe. The groove clamp reducing joint can also be called a reducer. Generally, the small diameter is a clamping connection, and the large diameter is a groove clamp connection. The two are connected by argon arc welding. The performance characteristics and principle of

compression type stainless steel water pipe are green and healthy, reliable and safe connection. The compression type connection has high strength and good vibration resistance. The connection part is made at one time, which avoids the possibility of loose connection. The construction is convenient and fast, without on-site welding, threading or rolling groove. As long as the use of special hydraulic tools, you can easily complete the card pressure connection, saving time, labor, cost, a high success rate of installation. Health and environmental protection performance is good, all pipes and pipe fittings are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of EPDM, chlorinated butyl rubber, nitrile rubber or silicone rubber, which has good health and environmental protection performance and long service life. The flow loss is small, the inner diameter of the clamped pipe is the same as the inner diameter of the pipe, and the deformation of the pipe at the clamped part is small, so the flow and pressure loss at the pipe joint is small and negligible.

Xiaobian believes that you have seen the clamping type stainless steel water pipe fittings. The plastic pipe PPR pipe fittings used for water and electricity conversion, such as straight pipe, tee and other common pipe fittings, are similar to plastic pipes. Let's talk about it one by one. Double clamp pipe fittings can be generally divided into equal diameter, reducing diameter, elbow, thread and others according to appearance and specifications. Equal diameter straight pipe, tee, four-way are equal diameter pipe fittings. As the name suggests, the ports at both ends are of equal diameter, and are mainly used to connect pipes of the same diameter, especially pipes of the same diameter. Straight pipes, three-way pipes and four-way pipes of the same length are all different diameters, which are mainly used to connect pipes of different diameters.

Clamping stainless steel water pipes Not all elbows and waterways are straight. Infinitely long. Where right angle bending is required, use elbow fittings. Commonly used 90 elbow and 45 elbow. Next, the editor will introduce this elbow fitting to you in detail. In fact, the bridge is not used in many applications, mainly when the ground is slightly convex or when the two pipes need to cross. The adjustable pipe fitting is a kind of special pipe fitting, which is not used much, but the position is also special. Similar to the emergency connection of PE pipe fittings, it is mainly when there is a problem with the stainless steel waterway system, because the middle is lengthened and the diameter is equal, it can be used as emergency maintenance pipe fittings for maintenance.