The application and characteristics of stainless steel pipe, ring pressure pipe fittings manufacturers to explain for you

ring pressure pipe fittings manufacturers believe that stainless steel pipe fittings are one of the pipes with better comprehensive performance at present, which are indispensable in both military and civilian fields. Now let's introduce the wide application of stainless steel water pipes in various industries.


1. Plumbing and irrigation system. The manufacturer of the ring pressure pipe fittings believes that the water supply and drainage pipeline project is a pipeline (canal) system project that transports and distributes industrial water and drinking water, and collects, transports and discharges industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and rainwater. Its project investment accounts for the majority of the total project investment. Sprinkler irrigation systems are an important part of agricultural water use. The physical and chemical properties of stainless steel water pipes meet the requirements of modern industrial, domestic and agricultural water treatment.

2. Direct drinking water pipe. The manufacturer of ring pressure pipe fittings believes that with the gradual improvement of people's requirements for drinking water quality, urban systems have set up water purification stations in residential areas (hotels, office buildings) and parks to deeply purify tap water. At the same time, an independent circulating pipe network is built with stainless steel pipes, and the purified water is directly sent to the user's home (or room, office) for direct drinking through the stainless steel pipe to avoid secondary "water pollution".

3. Fire Pipe. Ring pressure pipe

manufacturers believe that stainless steel fire pipe system is widely used in China's fixed fire facilities. After the automatic alarm mechanism is activated, the fire sprinkler system automatically sprays through stainless steel pipes and works in conjunction with other fire fighting facilities, so it can effectively control and extinguish the initial fire and reduce fire safety hazards.

4. Petrochemical industry. Ring pressure fittings

manufacturers believe that petrochemical industry involves acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive fluids. Due to its material characteristics, stainless steel pipe material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which can ensure that the fluid will not be polluted during transportation and the pipe will not be corroded. It is mainly used for heating tube and heat exchanger tube, cooler tube, tray tube and hydrogenation unit process pipe; synthesis reactor tube in methanol synthesis unit; pipe of catalyst regeneration cooler in ethylene unit, etc.

5. Coal mines. The manufacturer of ring pressure pipe fittings

believes that stainless steel pipe solves the antistatic problem of coal mine underground gas pipelines and meets the flame retardant performance required by coal mine underground gas pipelines. Light weight, convenient handling, easy transportation and installation in coal mines; corrosion resistance, no rust, no anti-corrosion treatment; prolong the service life of underground gas pipelines in coal mines. By adopting the reinforced rib structure, the ring stiffness of the pipeline is enhanced, the cost of the stainless steel pipe is reduced, and the gas drainage system can be served at a lower price.

6. Nuclear energy. Ring pressure pipe

manufacturers believe that nuclear power is an economic, safe, stable and sustainable clean energy, and thermal power, hydropower together constitute the world's three pillars of electricity. Stainless steel pipes are mainly used for auxiliary heat exchanger pipes, hot water pipes, main pipes, cooling water pipes, etc.