Stainless steel welded pipe fittings: stainless steel water supply pipe process performance

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stainless steel welded pipe fittings In recent years, stainless steel water supply pipes have just begun to enter everyone's daily life, and they are also more convenient to install. Slowly replaced the traditional plastic pipe into a key water supply and drainage. What is the technological performance of


recommended stainless steel water supply pipe: the linear expansion coefficient of

stainless steel water supply pipe is 1/4 of that of other plastic hose products, and the excessively high thermal expansion coefficient will cause water leakage of underground water pipe when the working temperature changes.


stainless steel pipe fittings compressive strength ≥ 530, plastic pipe compressive strength ≥ 49, plastic products compressive strength is only 9.2 of stainless steel. Therefore, insufficient compressive strength is one of the factors that water pipes are endangered by external forces. The maximum application temperature of

thick-walled stainless steel pipe reaches above 120 ℃, and the minimum temperature reaches -20 ℃. The thermal deformation temperature of ABS pipe fittings is 80 ℃. Plastic pipe fittings are not heat-resistant and will cause harmful gases when ignited. And even under the condition of exposure, it will not cause pipeline embrittlement.

Naturally, the stainless steel water supply pipe has a longer service life, is resistant to low temperature and high temperature, and is not affected by installation in all walks of life.

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