Ring Pressure Fittings: How to Control Engineering Quality by Installing Ring Pressure Fittings

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ring pressure pipe connection is a very critical link in construction, which is immediately related to the quality of the project. At this stage, there are two popular pipeline interface methods: clamping connection and ring pressure connection.


Sanqing recommends how to control the engineering quality by installing annular pressure pipe fittings:

annular pressure stainless steel pipe from the perspective of raw materials, the engineering building water supply and drainage thick-walled stainless steel pipe piping system software should all use thick-walled stainless steel plate pipe fittings, pipe fittings and fittings. When connecting with pipe fittings, pipe fittings and fittings of other raw materials, countermeasures to avoid electrochemical reactions should be adopted. After


double-clamping pipe fittings are cut, the inner and outer burrs of pipe ends shall be removed and tidy. When the inner hole of the pipe fitting is out of round and cannot be inserted into the pipe fitting, a special plastic beauty container shall be used to reshape the cross section of the pipe fitting to the bottom of the socket connection that can be inserted into the pipe fitting. The inner hole of the wound shall be leveled and free of cracks, burrs, convexities and concavities, shrinkage, sediment, etc. The skew error of the inner hole of the wound shall not exceed 5% of the diameter of the pipe and shall not exceed 3mm; The reason for the deviation of convexity and concavity shall not exceed mm.

Pipe fittings and pipe fittings must be vertically bisected on the colored surface of the ring press molding to operate the ring press. The pipe shall be vertically inserted into the pipe fitting during ring pressure connection, and shall not be inclined.

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