Why must use stainless steel hot water pipe hot water pipe?

Most domestic washstands are connected to cold and hot water through a water pipe. Over time, it is found that the hot water pipe is easy to break, and the water output is getting smaller and smaller! Especially in Northeast China, the probability of hot water pipe burst is far higher than that of cold water pipe burst. Why is this? Is the quality of hot water pipes not good?


In China, a large number of people are using ppr pipes as hot water pipes. Not to say that this kind of pipe quality is not good, but ppr pipe is not suitable for hot water pipe!


As we all know, due to the molecular characteristics of polypropylene, both imported and domestic ppr pipes have disadvantages such as poor high temperature resistance and large thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction [2001] No. 54 clearly stipulates that the long-term working temperature of PPR pipes cannot exceed 70. Generally speaking, PPR plastic pipe is easy to embrittlement and burst when the use temperature is lower than 5, and its safety performance and service life will be greatly reduced when the use temperature is higher than 60. When the thermal expansion coefficient is higher than 40, the pipe is easily deformed by expansion.


raw material determines the defect of PPR plastic pipe as hot water pipe. Under the long-term scouring of hot water, the pipeline will soften and deform, slowly causing rupture and leakage, affecting daily life. Just like winter in Northeast China, plastic pipes are broken and leaked, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the alternation of cold and heat accelerates the aging of PPR pipes. At the same time, under the washing of hot water, the plasticizer contained in the plastic pipe is more likely to precipitate, which is a harmful chemical substance and causes more serious secondary pollution to the domestic water.

Throughout the domestic and foreign pipeline markets, only stainless steel pipes are most suitable for home improvement hot water pipes. Therefore, stainless steel heat pipes are loved by many families.

According to actual measurements, under normal circumstances, the working pressure of the stainless steel pipe system can reach more than 2.5Mpa, and the thermal conductivity is low, which is 1/25 of the copper pipe and 1/4 of the iron pipe. The heat preservation effect is the best in all metal pipes, and it can be used for a long time in the range of -40~140. The highest domestic water temperature is 100, and the lowest domestic outdoor temperature will not exceed -40. Therefore, the advantage of stainless steel hot water pipe is much higher than that of plastic pipe.

From the perspective of health, stainless steel hot water pipes can provide clean water, improve the living standards of residents, and improve the safety of the pipe network. When there is a smell or black yellow water flowing out from the ordinary water pipe, will you feel afraid and your body is threatened? When the pure water gushes out from the stainless steel hot water pipe, it is as if you see the nectar of the Tianshan Mountains, and the pulse of health is beating strongly in the flow. These advantages are other materials of water pipes do not have, it is this advantage, doomed stainless steel hot water pipe to enter thousands of households! 16