Advantages of stainless steel hot water pipe

stainless steel hot water pipe

1, clean and sanitary, not easy to be contaminated by bacteria, no fouling, very simple and clean, low cleaning cost;

2. Long service life (even in the case of periodic vibration), Field corrosion test data show that the service life of stainless steel water pipes can reach 100 years;

3. Low life cycle cost, the stainless steel hot water pipe hardly needs maintenance, avoids the cost and trouble of replacing the pipe, has low operating cost and remarkable economy;

4. Save electric energy, the stainless steel surface is smooth, the friction is small, the water resistance is only carbon steel at low flow rate 2/5, there is no bottleneck resistance, the water pump energy consumption is low, the stainless steel pipe network is used for water supply in large areas with favorable terrain, which can save half of the power consumption of the pumping station, for pipes with the same caliber, the water flow of stainless steel hot water pipes is larger than that of other metal pipes;

5. Save water energy, significantly reduce the water leakage rate, and protect and utilize water resources;


6. Environmental protection, stainless steel can be recycled by 100, which will not cause environmental pollution and is conducive to sustainable development; stainless steel waste also has great economic value;

7. Stainless steel is beautiful, clean and fashionable, giving users sufficient confidence. Stainless steel hot water pipes help to improve the grade of urban construction. Stainless steel materials are safe and non-toxic, have no impact on water quality, and are harmless to human health;

8. The products are easy to buy, there are many ways to choose from, the construction device is simple and reliable, and the connection methods and pipe fittings are various, which can be freely selected by customers, the connection is firm, no leakage, the pipeline accessories can be made of stainless steel or copper-based alloy, and the cost of the equipment is competitive;

9. It can be widely used in municipal water supply network, pipeline direct drinking water, hot water transportation and building water supply, Heating water pipes, steam pipes, outdoor pipes in cold areas, urban fire water supply, pump rooms and other occasions, beautiful appearance, can be installed openly, concealed or buried.

10. Stainless steel hot water pipes are of high grade and the price is not high. In fact, the investment of stainless steel water pipes is not high, but the life cycle cost is very low. This is the advantage that stainless steel data cannot be compared with other data economically. Advantages of

Stainless Steel Hot Water Pipe Compared with Copper Water Pipe

Clean water pipe is an indispensable product in the process of home decoration, whether it is kitchen or toilet. Similarly, the installation of water pipe is also very important. After all, problems occur in use and it will be more troublesome to repair. Therefore, people choose plumbing products with better quality when decorating houses, but there are many kinds of water pipe products on the market, stainless steel hot water pipes and copper water pipes for home improvement are two common, but in contrast, stainless steel water pipes have more advantages in use, and stainless steel water pipes have advantages over copper water pipes;

1. The price is cheap. In comparison, the price of copper pipes for home improvement stainless steel pipes of the same size is half higher.

2. High strength, the strength of stainless steel hot water pipe is three times that of copper pipe. The thickness of

3 stainless steel hot water pipe is 0.6mm, and the thickness of copper pipe is 0.7mm.

4. The stainless steel pipe allows high water flow speed, up to 15 m/s, while the copper pipe is only 1.5 m/s.

5. Stainless steel water pipe resistance CL ion 200PPm, copper pipe resistance CL ion 50PPm.

6. Compared with copper pipes, stainless steel pipes are easier to install, more convenient to construct, and have a longer service life.

above are the six advantages of stainless steel pipes over copper pipes. When choosing home decoration pipes, don't think that the expensive ones are necessarily good. It is very important to choose the right ones. Stainless steel pipes are trustworthy.