Ensure the "last mile" drinking water health

Water is the source of life. With the impact of people's consumption upgrade, the gradual standardization of the stainless steel pipe industry and the development of technology will surely create a healthy, environmentally friendly, and hygienic favorable conditions for national domestic water. Stainless steel pipes have gradually entered The urban pipe network, various engineering buildings, and the water supply market for ordinary people will open a new generation of healthy drinking water for us.

In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the national leaders once proposed: to ensure that the broad masses of people drink safe water, rest assured water, speed up the prevention and control of water pollution, and resolutely fight the battle against water pollution. The relevant leaders of the Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Branch of the China Construction Metal Structure Association also said: Urban water supply is an important infrastructure for urban construction, and safe water supply plays an important role in ensuring the stable development of the city and the improvement of people's living standards. Most of the water quality problems in the "last kilometer" are secondary pollution problems, most of which are caused by the water tanks and water supply pipes in the community. In the past, due to the scientific and technological level and comprehensive cost considerations, most of the old water supply pipelines were used. Now, with the improvement of science and technology and the reduction of pipeline costs, more and more water enterprises, regions and even end users have begun to adopt thin-walled stainless steel water supply pipelines. As a supplier of stainless steel pipelines, Jiurun Lihua has deep experience and feelings about this.

Nowadays, people's requirements for new materials and healthy and environmental protection ideas are constantly improving. Thin-walled stainless steel water supply pipes are favored by the public with many physical and chemical advantages such as no pollution, healthy and environmental protection, and no secondary pollution to water supply. More and more people create healthy and good water!