Sanqing pipe industry: the effect of heat treatment of pressure pipe fittings.

Sanqing Pipe Industry After pressing pipe fittings according to forming and laser welding, the molecular formula of metal materials, the molecular formula of metal materials with magnetic and chemical properties, and the magnetic and chemical properties have changed.


Sanqing stainless steel water pipe can repair the corrosion resistance affected after production and processing according to the air maintenance and heat treatment tempering process, and additionally obtain the required stainless steel hardness to ensure the best characteristics of the stainless steel plate.


Sanqing recommends the effect of heat treatment of pressed pipe fittings:

1. The deformation of pressed pipe fittings in the production process is removed, the strength of stainless steel plate is reduced to below 220HV, the ductility and ductility of stainless steel plate are improved, and the installation of pipe is more convenient and safe. Hebei clamping pipe fittings


2, repair the ground stress and grain boundary transformation during the processing of clamping pipe fittings, reduce the stress corrosion and intergranular corrosion of stainless steel plates, and improve corrosion resistance.

3. Remove the magnetic band caused by the production process of stainless steel plate and stabilize the martensite mechanism.

4. Repair the sunlight on the surface of the stainless steel plate (the sunlight is different from the polished light).

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