Principle of Hebei clamping pipe fittings

15949542062187.pngHebei pressure pipe fittings are more and more widely used as building materials. It is used more and more widely, has a better understanding of materials, tries to update part of the design, and envisages the production of structural materials that do not require durability and maintenance.

1. Hebei clamping pipe fitting principle

1. Rotation prevention principle: press the special clamping pressure tool into hexagon to prevent water leakage from the rotating pipe being used.

2. Principle of detachment: The middle position of the clamping tube is small, but the two ends are large, and the detachment is larger than 3.0mpa.

3. Principle of leakage protection: Add O-ring radial contraction hug in U groove. Leakage stop, not leakage stop.

2. Hebei pressure fitting features

1, pipeline sanitation, environmental protection, reliability, economy, longevity, maintenance-free, no need to update.

2, pipeline construction is fast and convenient, and the installation time is 1/3 of the installation time of the existing pipeline (the pressure of power is only 5s once).

Eight advantages of Hebei clamping pipe fittings:

1, seismic performance of stainless steel double-layer compression pipe. Loose leakage caused by hammer action is not prone to

2, made of 304 stainless steel. Less pollution, high sanitary conditions, long life, is the 21st century environmental protection materials.

The connection method is simple and scientific. The double card pressure has strong drawing ability, high system compression ability, and the drawing force is 80% stronger than the ordinary card connection technology.

4. Hebei clamping pipe fittings have large inner diameter, smooth pipe wall and reasonable radian of joints, reducing flow noise, sorting out disordered vortices and increasing flow.

5. The whole joint is complete without disassembly of accessories. One-time molding, fast and reliable installation.

6. The connecting pipe adopts single-sealed double-card pressure and double-sealed double-card pressure design, which can be selected according to needs.

7. Hebei clamping pipe fittings have wide compatibility. The thickness of the connected pipe wall is 0.6mm ~ 2.0mm. After connection, the instantaneous pressure resistance of the system reaches 2.4MPa, and the service pressure reaches 1.6MPa, GB/T 19228 or GB/t 127712008.

8, large diameter pipe in the form of clamping spot welding connection.

above is the introduction of Hebei compression pipe fittings, hoping to help you.