Solutions to the Difficult Problems in the Use of Hebei Pressure Pipe Fittings

15949542062187.pngEveryone has higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, and the application of Hebei pressure pipe fittings has also been widely recognized. The frequency of use of clamping pipe fittings has increased, and many people have doubts about the problems in installation and use. Now, give you a solution to the problem in the use of Hebei clamping pipe fittings.

1. The hydraulic cylinder does not run, the clamp is stuck in the pipeline position, and it cannot be restored together with the hydraulic cylinder.

Therefore, the anaerobic glue was not wiped clean, but the clamping port was affixed.

Solution: Wipe the wet oxygen rubber at the mouth of the pliers, or use a fruit knife to scrape the wet oxygen rubber at the pull-out part of the clip mouth and apply grease.

Reason 2: There is residue on the pump, which causes the oil to be blocked.

Solution: Clean the water pump and replace the gear oil.

Reason 3: Cylinder frame seal interval is small

Solution: Remove the hydraulic cylinder or frame seal.

2. The card pressure of the stainless steel card pressure pipe is not timely.

So 1: The socket of the oil pipeline is loose and the oil is seeping out.

Solution: Tighten the socket on the assembly line

Reason 2: The clamp is broken.

Solution: Remove the fixture. (2~3 weeks or 0.2mm copper sheet can be temporarily wound at the pipe clamp position, and can also be expanded to supplement the card.)

Third: The gasoline pump cannot apply pressure (compression).

Solution: Clean the hand pump and remove the gear oil.

3. After the stainless steel clamping pipe becomes clamping, the pipe and pipe are loose.

Reason 1: The spacing of the support frame is too large, and the strength of shaking the pipe clamped together during the installation process is very large

Solution: According to the installation standard, lift the support and use a clamp to supplement the loose connection.

Reason 2:O-ring peeling (after the pipe is inserted into the pipe, the O-ring is pushed away from the U-ring slot).

Solution: Remove the disconnected pipe with a tool or grinder, and redeploy the card pressure with a new pipe.

Reason 3: When the pipe is inserted obliquely, the viewing angle of the pipe and the pipe is too large.

Solution: Remove the disconnected pipe with a tool or grinder, and redeploy the card pressure with a new pipe.

Cause 4: The clip is too damaged.

Solution: Replace the fixture and re-clamp the pipe.

The above is an introduction to the solution to the problem of the compression pipe fitting. I hope it will be helpful to you.