Stainless steel water pipes: What are the benefits of using stainless steel water pipes as drinking water pipes?

Stainless steel water pipe Since its launch on the market, stainless steel water pipe has been highly praised by customers. It can be said that stainless steel water pipes can be successfully applied in water supply projects in various fields.


What are the advantages of using stainless steel water pipes as drinking water pipes in Sanqing?

1. It can solve the problems of pipe network burst and water leakage, save water resources and provide more stable water supply. Pipe network burst is the main cause of water supply interruption, the main reason for pipe network burst is the lack of pipeline strength. Under the protection of the outer carbon steel, the stainless steel water pipe is greatly enhanced, whether it is buried or laid, it can effectively play its strength advantage. The leakage of dripping mainly occurs at the pipe joint. For this stainless steel water pipe, there is a special fully shielded double sealed pipe joint. In the process of water delivery, water can be sealed in the end face, which completely solves the operation and leakage problems in the operation of the pipe network. Thin-walled stainless steel pipe


2, can solve the problem of high water supply cost. The stainless steel water pipe wall has a high stable circulation efficiency, which can save the kinetic energy of water; the stainless steel water pipe has a good high-strength seal, and the pipe burst is not easy to ensure the stability of the water supply, reducing the maintenance and maintenance cost of the pipe network; the stainless steel water pipe has a long service life and low annual use cost. Clamping type pipe fitting


3. It can solve the problem of bacteria and bacteria growing on the wall. Stainless steel stainless steel water pipes for water delivery are usually made of 304 stainless steel, with a smooth surface and not easy to accumulate. The pipe wall will not scale, and the sediment in the water will not accumulate in one place, resulting in poor water flow, and the microorganisms in the water cannot stop and reproduce, which solves the problem of bacteria in tap water. When the bacteria are reduced, the chlorine in the tap water can be reduced.

4, can solve the problem of pipe wall corrosion, extend the life of the pipeline for hundreds of years. The corrosion of the water pipe wall is one of the main causes of secondary pollution. The inner wall of stainless steel water pipe is resistant to weak acid and weak alkali corrosion. When the water flow rate reaches 40 m/s, the corrosion rate is only 0.003mm/a. Therefore, the service life of stainless steel water pipes can reach 100 years, and the construction pipe network adopts stainless steel water pipes, so there is no need to replace the pipes during the entire life cycle.

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