Hebei clamping pipe fittings manufacturers tell about their product characteristics

1, reliable connection, high compression connection strength, good shock resistance. Turn the connection part into "death" at one time to avoid the possibility of loosening of "field joint.


2. The construction is convenient and quick, avoiding on-site welding, wire or roller operation. Only special hydraulic tools are needed to easily complete the clamping connection, saving time, effort, cost and high success rate of one-time installation.

3, health, environmental performance, pipe fittings are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel materials, sealing ring using chlorinated butyl rubber or silicone rubber, health, environmental protection, long service life.

4, the flow pressure loss is small, the inner diameter of the card pressure pipe fitting is equal to the inner diameter of the pipe (equal diameter design), the pipe deformation at the card pressure part is small, and the flow and pressure loss of the pipe joint are small, so it can be ignored.

5, the system compatibility is strong, the card pressure accessory specifications are complete, can be used with various valves, nozzles, water meters, pumps, etc., and can be connected with various existing pipeline systems.

6. Both open and concealed installation are acceptable. The appearance of the clamping stainless steel piping system is beautiful, and the decorative effect can be improved by open installation to meet the embedded installation technical requirements of the CECS153-2003 Technical Specification for Engineering of Thin-walled Stainless Steel Pipes for Building Water Supply.

7. Free update and maintenance, good economic performance, 50 -70-year life design and high reliability design. During the life of the building, there is almost no need to update and maintain the pipeline system, which greatly reduces the use cost and reduces all kinds of losses to the limit.

8. is also suitable for cold water, straight water, heating, air conditioning, fire fighting, gas and other civil low-pressure fluid transportation, can also be used in medicine, beverage, food, chemical and other industries low-pressure fluid transportation.

Hebei clamping pipe fittings manufacturer talks about the advantages of clamping pressure pipe fittings


stable performance

can withstand 40 bar burst pressure without leakage.

At a temperature above 49 and a water pressure of 15Bar, it will not leak for 1000 hours and will continue to compress.

Under 10Bar water pressure, 99 hot water is continuously pressed for 720 hours without leakage.

3Bar water pressure, cold water (20), hot water (90) replacement cycle 2500 hours without leakage.

High pressure (15Bar), low pressure (1Bar) cyclic impact 10,000 times without leakage.

1000~3000 cattle traction, no leakage or displacement within 800 hours.

-is suitable for aluminum-plastic composite pipe joints, can be clearly installed, can also be buried.


Easy to install, improve construction efficiency

3 seconds to complete the card pressure, about 20 seconds at a time (about 50 seconds at a time) 3354 installation efficiency doubled.


Cost-effective, cost-saving

Reduce pipeline, pipe fittings, and labor costs. According to the calculation of conventional heating, compared with the slippery process cost, it can be reduced to (300~400 won)/family.


Widely used

Cold/hot water system, heating/cooling system, gas system can be applied.

above are the characteristics of clamping stainless steel pipes summarized by Hebei clamping pipe fittings manufacturers. What are the main contents. Welcome to everyone's message.