Hebei Card Fittings Manufacturers Tell How to Install Card Fittings

stainless steel water pipes are sanitary and environmentally friendly, and the life and life of the building are the same, which is deeply loved by people. Since 2000, more and more projects have chosen thin stainless steel water pipes. The connection mode of the thin film stainless steel water pipe recommends the pipe connection card pressure below DN100. The following Hebei clamping pipe fittings manufacturers introduce the installation method of stainless steel water pipe clamping pressure pipe fittings.


card pressure tools: card pressure tools are divided into electro-hydraulic pressure tools, manual separation hydraulic card pressure tools, direct connection hydraulic card pressure tools and electric separation hydraulic card pressure tools.

card pressure fittings: fittings include cutting tools (slicer), chamfering machine (deburring machine), underlining, underlining, clamping, instrument panel

Hebei card pressure fitting manufacturers talk about the working method of blanking with stainless steel special tools:

1. first of all, according to the actual installation needs on site, determine the length of the pipeline requiring river material. The amount of the ruler measures the size of the pipe and scribes it.

2. Grasp the tube in your left hand, hold the knife in your right hand, draw a line with the blade, gently lock the blade with the handle, and then rotate the knife to rotate 720 degrees around the tube. Then relock the blade and rotate the knife again 720 degrees with the pipe in the middle. Repeat the above steps until the pipe is cut off.

Hebei clamp type pipe fittings manufacturer tells the specific steps as follows:

1. Grasp the pipe with the left hand and the barbell with the right hand. Press the barbell firmly to check whether the sealing ring of the accessory is not polluted and placed incorrectly. Please check the sealing ring of the pipe fittings for contamination and potential. On the pipe port, keep the pipe and chamfer axis on the same line.

2. Rotate the chamfering machine firmly to remove the burrs from the pipe.

3. Babeji has two ends, one end is used to pour external burrs and the other end is used to pour internal burrs. When using sawing, it is necessary to trim the nozzle with a knife to remove the iron caused by the sharp edge of the pipe and the lower part of the section.


Before the stainless steel film pipe is formally inserted into the pipe fitting, a depth indicator line should be inserted on the pipe to ensure that the pipe cannot be inserted correctly during construction, thereby reducing the reliability of the card pressure connection. Engineering inspection, acceptance can be confirmed.

The specific working method is as follows:

1. First, delete a pipe fitting corresponding to the pipe size.

2. Insert the pipe into the pipe fitting.

3. Use dashed lines where pipes and fittings are connected.

seal ring inspection:

Please check whether the seal ring of the pipe fitting has pollution and potential.

Insert the tube.

stainless steel thin-walled tube is slowly inserted into the accessory bearing, the depth is consistent with the underline, and the adjustment amount is below 3mm. Too tight will bury water in the pipe and cannot be lubricated with oil. Cannot be forcibly inserted. Doing so will damage the sealing ring.

card pressure operation:

Use a hydraulic card pressure tool to insert the protruding part of the pipe arc into the clamp groove so that the clamp sleeve is perpendicular to the clamping pipe, and then press the pressure plate until the clamping is completed. Use type I and type II hydraulic tools to observe the clamping interval, stop clamping during clamping, and do not overpressure sealing. Otherwise, the damage and service life of the tool are easily reduced. If it loosens under the pressure of the card, you can press it again in place according to its shape.