How much do you know about the principle of thin-walled compressed stainless steel clamping pipe fittings?

About the knowledge of thin-walled compression type stainless steel clamping pipe fittings, I believe that the relevant personnel of home decoration stainless steel water pipes and engineering stainless steel water pipes have a certain understanding. Today, let stainless steel Xiaobian continue to take you to review the knowledge of compressed stainless steel clamping pipe fittings. The performance characteristics and principles of


stainless steel compression pipe fittings and compression stainless steel pipes:

1. Green and healthy stainless steel materials are recognized as healthy materials, can be implanted into the human body, meet the national direct drinking water hygiene standards, and can be recycled by 100.

2. The connection is reliable and safe, the compression connection strength is high, and the vibration resistance is good. The connection part "dies" once to avoid the possibility of loosening of the "movable joint.

3. The construction is convenient and fast, avoiding on-site welding, threading or slotting. As long as the special hydraulic tool is used, the clamping connection can be easily completed, saving time, manpower and cost, and the one-time installation success rate is high.

4. Good hygiene and environmental performance. All pipes and fittings are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of chlorinated butyl rubber or silicone rubber. Health and environmental protection performance, long service life.

5. Small flow and pressure loss. The inner diameter of the compression fitting is the same as the inner diameter of the pipe (equal diameter design). The pipe deformation of the compression part is very small, so the flow and pressure loss at the pipe connection is very small and can be ignored.

6. The system has strong compatibility, complete specifications and varieties of compression fittings. It can be used with various valves, water nozzles, water meters, water pumps, etc., and can be connected with various existing pipeline systems.

7. Can be installed in the open air and in the dark. The clamped stainless steel piping system has a beautiful appearance, can improve the decorative effect in the open air or in the dark, and meets the embedded installation technical requirements of the cecs153-2003 "Technical Code for Building Water Supply Thin-walled Stainless Steel Piping Engineering.

8. Maintenance-free, superior economic performance, 50-70 year service life design, high reliability design. During the service life of the building, there is almost no need to update and maintain the pipeline system, which greatly saves the use cost and reduces all kinds of losses to the limit.

9. Wide range of applications. Suitable for cold and hot water, direct drinking water, heating, air conditioning, fire, gas and other civil low-pressure fluid transportation. Can also be used for pharmaceutical, beverage, food, chemical and other industries of low pressure fluid delivery.

10. The principle of compression fit:

When it comes to stainless steel water pipes, many people are familiar with their connection methods. From welding pipe fittings to the current technical upgrade, double compression pipe fittings are generally accepted, and stainless steel water pipes have experienced a long development. So, what is the difference between double clamping connection and welding of stainless steel water pipes?

1. Quantity:

Welded pipe fittings have a long history of development, so the market share of welded pipe fittings is greater than that of compressed pipe fittings. However, I also believe that dual compression fittings will become the industry leader with their convenient and unique connection methods.

2. Environmental protection

In terms of environmental protection, the double clamping connection has unique advantages, eliminates argon arc welding and electric welding, does not pollute the environment, is simple to operate, and does not harm the body of construction personnel.

3. Health

Due to insufficient argon arc welding and gas protection, welded pipe fittings cannot avoid welding pollution and adverse effects on water quality. The double clamp pipe fittings adopt German advanced clamp technology and can be installed with hydraulic tools, which is very healthy and environmentally friendly.