The principle and characteristics of double clamping pipe fittings

are slowly changing from PPR plastic pipes to stainless steel pipes. However, for the masters who used to install PPR plastic pipes in the past, installing double-clamping pipe fittings is a novel connection method and is not so familiar. Most masters may not be so comfortable at the beginning of use. But in fact, the connection and installation of the card pipe fittings is quite simple, and every ordinary user can install and use it smoothly. The following introduces the principle and advantages of double-clamping tube .


1. The principle of double-clamping pipe

1. Pull-out principle: The middle position of the clamping pipe is small and the two ends are large, which is pull-out.

2. Leak-proof principle: O-ring is installed in U-shaped groove, contracted radially and held tightly to stop water leakage instead of blocking.

3. Anti-rotation principle: Special clamping tool presses it into a hexagon to prevent water leakage during rotation.

2. Advantages of double-pressure pipe fittings

1. Reliable and safe connection.

2. convenient construction.

3. Suitable for embedded installation.

4. Maintenance-free, update-free, superior economic performance.

3. Features of Double Clamping Pipe Fittings

1. The construction of pipe fittings is fast and convenient, and the installation time is only 1/3 of that of traditional pipe fittings (single electric clamping only takes 5s).

2. Fittings are hygienic, environmentally friendly, reliable, economical, long life, maintenance-free and free of renewal.

Four , double-clamping pipe fittings Construction precautions

1. Double-clamping pipe fittings are thin-walled Double-clamping pipe fittings , so please avoid rough operation to avoid defects and dents, especially on site, be careful not to step on accessories.

2. When storing pipes, try to avoid direct sunlight. Please cover them with plastic tape or safety cloth.

3. Double clamping pipe fittings must be wiped clean when there is oil stain. Especially the rubber sealing ring parts of the pipe end and the pipe fitting to determine whether there is foreign matter. If there is a foreign object, it should be dealt with immediately to avoid more serious consequences.

4. If the pipe fitting cannot be inserted into the pipe smoothly, check whether the burr at the nozzle has been removed, especially the burr on the inner wall, which will directly affect the connection between the pipe fitting and the pipe.

5. After the double-clamping pipe fitting is inserted, it will not be clamped temporarily. Tighten the thread before clamping to avoid loosening the clamped joint due to screwing.

6. If the pipe is not bent properly, please correct it at the straight pipe. The parts of the pipe fittings cannot be corrected, and the parts responsible for clamping and pressing may be loose, which is also the cause of leakage. Attention, please.

7. If the clamping point is loose, it can be re-clamped at the original clamping point (pay attention to the hexagonal direction).

8. When the piping system is used for media other than water (such as oil, chemicals, gas, etc.).), Please contact the manufacturer for discussion. The rubber sealing ring may expand and damage due to medium corrosion, resulting in leakage.

9. When the piping system of double-pressure fittings is used near the coast or in places with high salt water, anti-corrosion measures should be considered. In addition, pay attention to well water, sea water, hot spring water and fluids with high salt content.