Installation process steps and precautions of stainless steel ring pressure pipe fittings

stainless steel ring pressure pipe fitting installation process. How much do you know about the installation process of stainless steel ring pressure pipe fittings? Ring pressure connection is to insert the pipe pre-covered with a cylindrical wide band sealing ring into the socket of the ring pressure pipe fitting, and the stable section and sealing section of the socket are pressed in the circumferential direction from the outside. When pressed, the stable section of the socket and the cannula are deformed concavely together, and then locked and locked; the pressure at both ends of the sealing section causes the sealing material to deform and move in the cavity, fully filling the gap between the pipe and the pipe, So as to achieve effective sealing of the pipe and the pipe.


1. The installation process of the ring pressure pipe fittings is described in detail below.

1, check the 304 stainless steel ring pressure pipe fittings, pipe tops and hydraulic tools, etc. before connection, should be clean and free of sand particles, no waste adhesion

2, with manual cutting or electric special grinding wheel cutting machine vertically interrupt the pipe, the slope should not be greater than 2mm. After laser cutting, the internal and external burrs of the branch pipe should be removed and rounded; stainless steel ring joint.

3. First, insert the 304 stainless steel ring pressure pipe fitting into the bottom of the socket connection, and draw the insertion length mark on the 304 stainless steel ring pressure pipe fitting along the edge of the pipe with a stroke pen.

4. Special attention: a cylindrical silica gel trap is developed at the front end of the scribing line, and all lubricating fluid cannot be used; When inserting

5 and 304 stainless steel ring pressure fittings into the pipeline, ensure that the distance between the scribing mark and the inner hole of the pipeline is not more than 2mm. The seal ring shall not be twisted, scratched or moved, and shall be completely and accurately positioned in the seal section of the 304 stainless steel ring pressure pipe and pipe.

6. Make the marking surface of the jaw of the hydraulic tool consistent with the inner hole of the toe of the pipe, perpendicular to the 304 stainless steel ring pressure pipe fitting and the pipe to be contracted, and then ring pressure can be carried out. When the control module is fully closed, the regulator tube can release pressure for approximately 3 seconds. Three precautions for 2. stainless steel ring pressure fittings.

1. Set up compensation device

When laying stainless steel water pipes, the telescopic compensation device and bracket should be reasonably configured, whether it is a fixed bracket or a movable bracket, to control the telescopic direction or compensation of the pipeline.

2. Pay attention to the matching of accessories

When installing stainless steel water pipes, attention should also be paid to the use of matching accessories so that pipes and fittings provided by the same supplier can avoid welding difficulties caused by differences in data specifications of different models. Therefore, the project engineering company also needs to pay special attention to this point.

3. Pay attention to covering anti-corrosion materials

Even good stainless steel water pipes should be careful not to directly contact cement and concrete during installation and laying. When the pipeline is concealed, anti-corrosion tape shall be wound on the outer wall of the pipeline or thin-walled stainless steel pipe coated with plastic shall be used. You can also wrap two layers of polyethylene tape or two layers of vinyl chloride tape outside the stainless steel water pipe, and then wrap two layers of asphalt paint and glass fiber plastic cloth. Anti-corrosion, can help stainless steel water pipe to resist more serious natural corrosion.