Some knowledge points of stainless steel pipe, ring pressure pipe fittings manufacturers tell you

ring pressure pipe fittings manufacturers believe that stainless steel pipe is widely used in our daily life. Its oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance are better than ordinary materials, and its performance in the field of high temperature resistance is also excellent. Compared with acid and alkali, it has good corrosion resistance. It can be directly used in food processing and medical equipment products; it is not easy to damage, the use time is longer, and it is more worry-free. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the use of stainless steel water pipes in areas closely related to people's quality of life (such as drinking water treatment and transportation) will increase rapidly. Thin-walled stainless steel water pipe is a new type of pipe that came out in the late 1990 s in China, but it has a strong momentum of development and has been widely used in building water supply and direct drinking water pipes.


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Manufacturers believe that in the construction industry is one of the industries that started using stainless steel very early. In the building water supply pipe, because the galvanized pipe has been eliminated by the market, the aluminum pipe as the representative of the composite pipe and PE, PP-R and other plastic pipe can not fully meet the needs of the water supply system and the national requirements for drinking water and related water quality. Therefore, thin-walled stainless steel water pipes will be more and more widely used.

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Manufacturers believe that takes the application of the construction industry as an example. Stainless steel is very beneficial to the green design and environmental protection of buildings because of its corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in roofing, structure, ground, pipeline, handrail and so on. The manufacturer of

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believes that compared with traditional pipes, the thin-walled stainless steel pipes currently on the market have stable chemical properties, avoid secondary metal pollution, can recycle 100%, will not bring pollution burden to the environment, and will not leave untreated garbage for future generations. 1. Save water. Ring pressure pipe

manufacturers believe that the strength of

stainless steel is higher than most water pipe materials, with high pull-out strength, good ductility and toughness, greatly reducing the possibility of water pipe burst and leakage due to external force, saving water resources for recycling. 2. Reduce heat loss. The manufacturer of ring pressure pipe fittings

believes that

stainless steel can work safely for a long time at a temperature of -270-400. No matter at high temperature or low temperature, harmful substances will not be precipitated, and the material performance is quite stable. Its heat preservation performance is 24 times that of copper water pipes, reducing heat loss in hot water transportation and greatly saving heat energy. 3. Maintenance-free, saving maintenance costs. Stainless steel has stable chemical properties and does not physically react with oxygen in the air. Even if it is buried in the ground, it has excellent corrosion resistance, which makes the stainless steel pipe stand upright in harsh environments, has a long service life, and avoids the trouble of frequent maintenance and replacement of pipes. Effectively save maintenance costs and manpower and material resources.

4. Economical and practical. Ring pressure pipe

manufacturers believe that

from an economic point of view, the current price ratio of the same performance material, stainless steel water pipe is more cost-effective. As far as we are concerned, safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly stainless steel water pipes can greatly save costs, save effort and effort in subsequent use, and benefit from one investment for life, which can be described as "once and for all". As far as society is concerned, the government vigorously promotes and guides the application of stainless steel pipes, because stainless steel pipes meet the new environmental protection requirements of modern society, and it is imperative to promote the application. Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and environmental protection is urgent. In today's rapid economic development, the use of stainless steel pipes is becoming more and more frequent, and the popularity of stainless steel pipe series products conforms to the trend of the times. In the future, new environmental protection and energy saving products will gradually replace the old products with serious pollution.