The principle of stainless steel ring pressure pipe fittings

When it comes to stainless steel ring pressure fittings, I believe most people have heard of it, but few people have heard of stainless steel ring pressure fittings. So what exactly is the stainless steel ring pressure pipe fittings? Xiaobian for your detailed introduction. Stainless steel ring pressure pipe fittings are connected by cold extrusion on the ring pressure pipe fittings to achieve tight connection between the pipe and the pipe fittings. Generally, the large section is the sealing section, and the small section is the second cylinder section of the stable section. Insert the pressure ring stainless steel pipe of the upper rectangular sealing ring into the pressure ring stainless steel pipe fitting and press it evenly to the center of the circle, so that the stable section of the socket and the pressure ring stainless steel pipe are concave and deformed together with the pressure ring stainless steel pipe to compress the ring stainless steel pipe to realize ring pressure connection and sealing.


1, stainless steel ring pressure pipe

ring pressure connection method is simple and reliable. Due to the encirclement of the ring pressure connection, the stability of the drainage system is improved, and it is not easy to cause looseness and water leakage. Stainless steel ring pressure pipe fittings are suitable for water supply and drainage of new projects such as hotels, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, municipal engineering, crude oil, chemical plants, scientific research, food/beverages, drinking water, solar power generation, etc. Home central air conditioning and HVAC works, plumbing systems.

2, ring pressure type principle: the principle of

ring pressure connection is to use the rigidity of the steel pipe itself, and use professional ring pressure tools to simultaneously compress the locking ring and sealing cavity of the pipe connection part, so as to realize the fastening and sealing of the pipe and the pipe fittings. When installing

, first put the wide band sealing ring on the pipe end, insert it into the pipe socket, squeeze the pipe sealing section with a special tool, so that the pipe bottom is recessed into the pipe, as if the threads are meshed with each other and tightly locked. During the extrusion process, the rubber material in the sealing cavity creeps under pressure until the entire cavity is filled, thus producing a reliable seal.

3. Advantages of ring pressure type:

In real life, 95% of pipeline failures occur at connection parts, so "connection" technology is one of the key technologies for pipeline products. Ring pressure connection can play a significant role in the problem of "running, running, dripping and leaking" when the pipe is connected. At the same time, the ring pressure connection breaks through the crimping method of the old generation, which can only be realized by installing stainless steel pipes. The technical bottleneck of ensuring the connection strength with the wall thickness has further promoted the development of the thin-walled stainless steel process, making the cost-effective advantage of the ring pressure stainless steel pipe fittings more prominent and reaching the international level. Thin-walled stainless steel pipe application fields: construction, apartment water supply system, high and medium-grade building direct drinking water system, city gas, heating pipeline system, fire water supply system, food processing pipeline system, industrial gas pipeline system, industrial oil pipeline system, marine pipeline system, pharmaceutical gas pipeline system.