Stainless steel water pipes-building water networks for high-rise buildings

The progress of China's urbanization is getting faster and faster, and many high-rise buildings have sprung up. The consequent problem of high-rise water supply has also emerged. Water pipes play the role of "neural networks" in high-rise buildings. In the past, China's high-rise buildings, in the face of water problems, the choice is copper pipe or PPR pipe, but in recent years, the emerging stainless steel water pipe, has become a new choice to replace copper pipe and plastic pipe. Although

stainless steel pipe is more expensive than plastic pipe, its service life and environmental protection performance are very excellent. They are maintenance-free and renewal-free for the 70-year life of the property. In the long run, life cycle costs are low.

More importantly, in terms of health, copper pipes have a series of complex chemical reactions with water, carbon dioxide and oxygen in humid air, which eventually leads to copper pipes producing "patina"; and plastic pipes release environmental hormones. Health hazards, and even cause precocious maturity of young people; stainless steel pipes have excellent corrosion resistance and will not precipitate harmful substances to ensure people's drinking water safety.

Many famous buildings in the world use stainless steel pipes to reduce maintenance costs and reflect the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. For example, the communication tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is 421 meters high, which is the fourth tallest communication tower in the world. Stainless steel pipes and high-pressure stainless steel pipe joints are used. The Taipei Financial Center is 508 meters high and the water supply pipes are stainless steel pipe fittings with a diameter of 325mm.

Home improvement plumbing is actually a high investment, high maintenance cost job. Once the water pipe leaks, the water in the home, the loss to our property is far greater than the value of the water pipe itself.

Therefore, high-rise buildings, such as large office buildings, company buildings, and even high-rise residential buildings, need to strengthen the pipeline network to build a strong and solid high-rise water network to ensure people's drinking water health.