Looking at the trend from developed countries, how will China's stainless steel water pipes develop?

In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's national economy, more and more people begin to care about health problems. Stainless steel water pipes began to slowly enter people's field of vision. Because water quality is a very important aspect of health, and stainless steel water pipes are the key factors to ensure water quality. In many developed countries, the penetration rate of stainless steel water pipes is very high, such as Germany, the penetration rate of stainless steel water pipes has reached 90%. So how did the stainless steel water pipes in developed countries develop?

1. The United States

The development of stainless steel water pipes in the United States began in the 1960 s and prevailed in the 1990 s. And will not precipitate any harmful substances, fully protect the health of drinking water. The American people attach importance to health and drinking water, and industrial development earlier, so the current stainless steel water pipe penetration rate is very high.

2. Japan

As we all know, Japan is a country with frequent earthquakes. Before using stainless steel water pipes, Japan used PPR water pipes and galvanized pipes, but the defects were obvious and the leakage rate reached 40%. And the seismic effect is poor, water pipe cracking. In 1980, Japan formulated the standard "JWWA G 116-Stainless Steel Pipe Joints for Tap Water". The use of stainless steel water pipes became more and more popular. In the 1995 Hanshin earthquake, due to the excellent performance of stainless steel water pipes, they were not damaged and played a huge role in post-disaster reconstruction of water supply. Nowadays, the penetration rate of stainless steel water pipes in Japan has reached more than 90%, and it is recognized as the "best drinking water container material"

From the development of stainless steel water pipes in the above two developed countries, the first reason is the strong support of the national economy. Guaranteed the rapid popularization of stainless steel water pipes, such as the United States. The second is that the concept of drinking water health has entered people's lives and can still play an important role in water supply even in the case of natural disasters. For our country, the national economy is developing rapidly, and now the people are fully capable of replacing or installing stainless steel water pipes. Health, people pay attention to health, pay attention to the concept of safety is also more and more strong. Therefore, it can be speculated that the future development of stainless steel pipes in China must be vigorous and rapid! The motherland tomorrow will be better!