Shanxi region performance list

project name No.
Yuncheng Zhushui Hotel 1
Ying County Marriott Grand Hotel 2
Pingyao County People's Hospital 3
Xinzhou Intermediate People's Court 4
Direct drinking water in the dormitory of Xiegou Coal Mine in Xingxian County, Luliang City 5
Datong Hongya Hotel 6
Jincheng Art Museum direct drinking water 7
Taiyuan Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Hospital Rehabilitation Building 8
Shanxi Provincial Installation Company Office Building 9
Mount Wutai Marriott Hotel 10
Jinzhong People's Hospital 11
Taiyuan Marriott International Hotel 12
Taiyuan Vanke Group 13
Shanxi Children's Hospital 14
Shanxi Huayang Bilingual School 15
Liulin County People's Hospital 16
Yuanda Fengxiwan 17
Taiyuan Poly Real Estate 18
Taiyuan Metro Line 2 19
Taiyuan Xiaohe International Convention and Exhibition Center and Hotel 20
Yicheng County People's Hospital of Linfen City 21

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