Inner Mongolia regional performance list

project name No.
Baotou Baocheng Shangyuan Mingfu Community 10
Baotou Guyi Renjia District 11
Baotou Wanhe Home Community 12
Baotou Fulicheng District 13
Baotou military district 14
Baocheng Shangyuan Famous Mansion 15
Rongmao First City 16
Tonghe Jiayuan 17
Donghe District Public Security Bureau Training Building, Baotou City 18
Donghe District Center for Disease Control and Prevention 19
Baotou Military Division 20
Donghe Commercial and Residential City 21
Baotou City Park Avenue Commercial and Residential Community 22
Haifu City Impression 23
Tianci New City 24
Qingsong Primary School 25
Baotou Vocational Education Institute 26
Hudemulin Xintiandi 27
Zhonghe Cultural Square 28
Yurong Mansion 29
Tiancheng Competition 30
Hengtong Commercial Building 31
Palace of Versailles 32
riverside scenery 33
Waterfront Flower City 34
Oriental Belvedere 35

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