Hebei region performance list

project name No.
Xibaipo Hotel 1
People's Bank of China Cangzhou Branch 2
Department of Industrialization and Information Industry of Hebei Province 3
Hebei Provincial Kindergarten 4
Hongjun Street Veteran Cadre Apartment 5
North China Petroleum General Hospital 6
China Railway Group Port Office Building 7
Shenhua Huanghua Comprehensive Office Building 8
Xian County People's Hospital 9
Xingtai Qianshan Building 10
Xingtai Shahe Power Plant 11
Shijiazhuang Ximei Hotel 12
Shijiazhuang Yiling Health City 13
Tangshan Production Base of CNR Group 14
Experimental Building of Cangzhou Vocational and Technical College 15
Huanghua Wantai Lijing 16
Ningjin Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine 17
Hebei Provincial Department of Finance 18
Zhangcheng expressway service area hot water project 19
Zaoqiang County People's Hospital 20
Cangzhou State Huacang Electricity Co., Ltd. 21
Shijiazhuang Aviation City 22
Xingtai Chenguang Hotel 23
Department of Industrialization and Information Industry of Hebei Province 24
Tangshan Central Hospital 25
Shijiazhuang Aosen International Hotel 26
Baoding Maternal and Child Health Hospital 27
Wuqiao Acrobatics Service Center 28
The First Hospital of Hebei Province 29
Shijiazhuang Central Hospital 30
Shijiazhuang Chemical Hospital 31
Hengshui Municipal Party School 32
Hengshui Civic Center 33
Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection 34
Shijiazhuang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection 35
Hebei Provincial Party School 36
Hebei Province Warning Education Base 37
Renovation of Jingxi Hotel 38
Zhangjiakou Chongli Ski Resort 39
Baoding Central Hospital 40
Shijiazhuang Qianxihe Food 41
Qingxian Wangge Food 42
Hebei Medical University 43
Shijiazhuang Group Art Museum 44
Shijiazhuang Food and Drug Administration 45
Qinhuangdao Garden Expo 46
Jizhou Municipal Party School 47
Hebei 1021 Project 48
Hebei 831 Project 49
The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University 50
Shijiazhuang Chemical Hospital 51
Shijiazhuang Mass Art Museum 52
Cangzhou Tourism Development Conference Conference Center 53
Tianjin Zhengrong Mansion 54
Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration 55
Wuqiao Acrobatic Cultural Center 56
Baoding Women and Children's Hospital 57
Tangshan Central Hospital 58
Tahoe Chongli Hotel Zhangjiakou 59
Langfang No.1 Middle School 60
The First People's Hospital of Hebei Province 61
The Third People's Hospital of Hebei Province 62
Wuqiao Yunzen Jinling Acrobatics Hotel 63
Suning County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 64
Evergrande Jade Garden 65
Sanli Home Community 66
Courtyard by Marriott Qinhuangdao 67
Qinhuangdao Military Hospital 68
Tangshan Central Hospital 69
Baoding Maternal and Child Hospital 70
Xingtai Guangzong County Education Park 71
Hebei Province Warning Education Base 72
Langfang Shengshi Jiayuan 73
Langfang Brilliant Sky City 74
Xingtai Guangzong Tianyi Square 75
China Railway Construction Engineering, Group E, Resettlement Area, Rongdong Area, Xiong'an 76
China Railway Construction, Group D1, Resettlement Area, Rongdong District, Xiong'an 77
Xiongan Rongdong Area Resettlement Area D2 Group China Railway 12th Bureau 78
Xiongan Rongdong Area Resettlement Area Group B Group Beijing Construction Engineering 79
Xiongan High Speed ​​Rail Station 80
Xiong'an Innovation Research Institute Science and Technology Park 81
Xiong'an unit B third bid China Railway Construction 82
Xiong'an Unit B Five Bid China Railway Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. 83
The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University 84
National Talent Exchange Center (Zhengding) 85
Ausen National Fitness Center 86

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