Anhui regional performance list

project name No.
Anhui Huaibei Public Security Bureau Prison 1
Anhui 1912 five-star hotel 2
Hefei Water Affairs Group 3
Huainan Pioneering Water Affairs 4
Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Phase II and Phase III 5
High-tech Branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University 6
The Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University 7
Fuyang Hospital of Anhui Medical University 8
Huaibei Manhattan International Hotel 9
Huainan Ionic Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences 10
Huainan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Shannan New Area Relocation Project 11
Huainan Chaoyang Hospital Expansion Project 12
Huainan Maternal and Child Health Hospital New District Relocation Project 13
Lu'an City Agricultural Committee Building 14
The second and third phase expansion of Huoshan County Hospital in Lu'an City 15
Dormitory building of Lu'an Health School 16
Lu'an City Rural Commercial Bank Headquarters Building 17
Expansion Project of Sifang Hospital, Yeji District, Lu'an City 18
Lu'an No. 2 Middle School 19
Wuhu Conch International Hotel 20
Wuhu Conch Hospital Affiliated to Anhui Medical University 21
Wuhu Yilin Center 22
Wuhu Conch Talent Apartment 23
International Engineering College of Anhui Polytechnic University 24
Xuancheng No.3 Middle School 25
Xuancheng People's Hospital Phase II Expansion 26
The party base of spiritual cadres of the New Fourth Army Iron Army in Jingxian County, Xuancheng City 27
Ma'anshan Xiushan New District Hospital 28
Ma'anshan People's Hospital East District Phase II Expansion Project 29
New Crown Quarantine Hotel in Ma'anshan 30
Ma'anshan Dangtu Maternal and Child Health Hospital 31
Newly-built project of Hongxing Middle School in Ma'anshan City 32
Chuzhou Blue White-collar Apartment 33
Chuzhou-Chuning Intercity Railway 34
Bengbu Medical College 35
Fuyang Technician College 36
New construction project of Fuyang Seed Winery in different places 37
Gynecology and Pediatrics Building, Yingshang County People's Hospital, Fuyang City 38
Expansion project of Xiehe Hospital in Yingshang County, Fuyang City 39
Hefei Shiyuan Electronics R&D Center Project 40
Tsinghua University Anhui Public Research Institute 41
Party School of Changfeng County Party Committee, Hefei City, Anhui Province 42
Anhui Agricultural University Postgraduate Apartment Building 43
Lixin County Water Company 44
Anqing Gymnasium 45
Huangshan Intercontinental International Hotel 46
Huangshan City Huizhou District Red Cultural Tourism Party Education Base 47
She County People's Hospital, Huangshan City Phase II 48
Bank of China Hefei Binhu Base 49
Bank of Communications Hefei Binhu Base 50
Anhui Bengbu University 51
Xuancheng No.3 Middle School 52
Two Mountain College of Dabie Mountain, Huoshan County, Lu'an City 53
Shucheng County Sports Center, Lu'an City 54
Anhui Construction Engineering Group Aids the Construction of Lesotho Prime Minister's Office 55
Huainan Ionic Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences 56
Hefei Science Island, Anhui Province 57
Lenovo Hefei Production Base 58
Coca-Cola Hefei Base Phase II 59
Anhui Provincial Hospital South District Phase II 60
Hefei Second People's Hospital New Area 61
New District of People's Hospital of Feidong County, Anhui Province 62
Fifth People's Hospital of Fuyang City, Anhui 63
Anqing Wuyue Plaza 64
Conch International Hotel, Jingde County 65
Bozhou Wanda Plaza Royal Hotel 66
Anhui Bozhou Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 67
Anhui Feidong County People's Hospital 68
Chinese Calligraphy Building 69
Huainan Chinese Academy of Sciences R&D Center 70
Huaibei China Coal Daxia 71
Huoshan County People's Hospital 72
Hefei Prison 73
Hefei Women's Detention Center 74
Tongcheng No.8 Junior High School 75
Tongcheng Water Supply Co., Ltd. 76
Fuyang City Elements Market 77
Fuyang City Planning Exhibition Hall 78
Chengnan Branch of Fuyang People's Hospital 79
Fuyang Jieshou Orthopedic Hospital 80
Headquarters Building of Anhui Rural Credit Cooperative Union 81
Anhui Whirlpool (China) Hefei Headquarters R&D Base 82
New District of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College 83
New District of Bengbu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 84
Bengbu First People's Hospital Internal Medicine Complex Building New Project 85
Five-star hotel in Qinxin Valley Tourist Resort, Xuancheng City 86
 Huishang Bank Headquarters Base Construction Project 87
Anhui Rural Credit Cooperative Project 88
Anqing Tianzhu Mountain Tourism School 89
Lu'an City Water Supply Co., Ltd. 90
Lu'an City People's Hospital Hexi Branch 91
Huiyinbi Group Huoshan Pharmaceutical Factory 92
Ningguo No.1 Middle School New District 93
Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Fuyang 94
New District of the Third People's Hospital of Funan County, Fuyang City 95
New District of Xiaoxian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Suzhou City 96
Gynecology and Pediatrics Building, Suzhou Municipal Hospital 97
Huaibei Shuangchuang Center Building 98
Huainan Workers' Cultural Palace 99
Suzhou Evergrande City 100
Evergrande Royal View Bay in Huaibei City 101
Hefei Evergrande Sunshine Peninsula 102
Shuojin Street, Xinqiao Airport, Hefei 103
Huanghe Road Primary School, Binhu New District, Hefei City 104
Hefei Metro Line 4 105
Hefei Hejing Luyue Bay 106
Hefei Youth Comprehensive Practice Base 107
Tongling Evergrande Oasis 108
Anhui Innovation Pavilion 109
New District of People's Hospital of Lingbi County, Anhui Province 110
Tongcheng People's Hospital New District, Anhui Province 111
The first outlet in Anhui Province 112
Party School of Mengcheng County Party Committee, Anhui Province 113
Anhui Hefei China Resources Vientiane City 114
Anqing International Convention and Exhibition Center 115
Qianshan City Municipal Hospital New District, Anqing City 116
Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Yuexi County, Anqing City 117
Anqing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Expansion Project 118
Anqing Telecom Complex Building 119
New Area of ​​People's Hospital of Jinzhai County, Anhui Province 120

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