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Performance list of Yunnan region

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-25
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Performance list of Yunnan region

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Southwest China
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  • Time of issue:2020-04-25
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Project Time for completion
Kunming Yunqing community 2015
Yunnan mengkang customs building 2015
Kunming Metro complex building 2012
Yunnan Dehong hospital   2011
Yunnan archives 2012
Yunnan Honghe Prefecture archives 2011
Yunnan humon International Hotel 2012
Yunnan Banna hospital 2012
Yunnan Yunqing Garden 2016
Zhonghai Peninsula, Yunnan 2015
Yunnan haipo Lanting     2015
Langyue Bay, Yunnan 2014
Yunnan Yunxi Mansion 2014
Yunnan shilipuyun 2013
Kunming Metro Signal building 2012
Eryuan substation in Kunming 2010
Kunming Yongfeng substation 2011
Jianshui No.1 Middle School 2016
Tonghai Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine 2016
Yunnan mengkang customs building 2016
Yunnan Shenggao Dacheng hot water system 2015
Yunnan Dianchi one hot water system 2015
Kunming tangsheng substation 2016
Yunnan humon Plaza Hotel 2016
Chuxiong people's hospital building, Yunnan 2017
Kunming Open University 2017
Shenggao Grand City Hotel 2017
Yunnan Ludian poverty alleviation project 2019
Tap water in Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan Province 2019
The beautiful city of Yunnan 2019
Kunming Wuai community 2019
Jiuli, Yunlu, Zhonghai 2019
Chenxianggu project of Yunnan Chengtou 2019
Zhonghai Longquan Mansion 2019
Kunming poly Evergrande City 2019
Kunming merchants harmonious home   2019
Yunnan Ancient Yunnan future city   2019


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