Performance List of Sichuan Region

project name No.
Sichuan Yibin No. 1 Middle School 1
Chengdu Tibet Hotel 2
Catering Building of Chengdu Shuangliu Airport 3
Chengdu Guangyuan Tianli College 4
Chengdu Chuanli Fluid Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing 5
Chengdu Chaoyang Union Medical College Hospital 6
Chengdu China Railway 12th Bureau Southwest Headquarters Office Building 7
Chengdu Leshan Hospital 8
Chengdu Xinhua Hospital Renovation Project 9
Chengdu Xinjin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 10
Sichuan Qionglai Detention Center 11
11 primary schools in Jianyang City 12
Sichuan Xinjin Maternal and Child Health Hospital 13
Sichuan Chengdu Seine Lake Paxton Oak Resort Hotel Project (Phase I Project) 14
Sichuan Chengdu Kempinski Hotel renovation project 15
Sichuan Chengdu Experimental Middle School New Campus Phase IV Expansion Project 16
Refined decoration project of Baihui Hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan 17
The third phase project of talent apartment in Sancha Town, Jianyang, Sichuan 18
Mingyu Zunya Hotel Chengdu Sichuan 19
Sichuan Dayi Saint Soya Hotel 20
Sichuan Xinjin Melbourne College of Arts 21
Sichuan Meishan Qingshen County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 22
Sichuan Meishan Pengshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 23
Sichuan Qingbaijiang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 24
Sichuan Jianyang Sancha Town Community Project (Phase III) 25
Sichuan Guangyuan Bailong Water Plant Phase I Project 26
Sichuan Chengdu National Agricultural Science and Technology Center 27
Sichuan Chengdu International Jingrong Innovation Center 28
Chengdu Institute of Physical Education Collective Relocation (Phase I) Project Second Batch Construction Six Sections 29
Jiuzhaigou Yongle Hot Spring Valley Hotel 30
Mianyang East Lake Wisdom Valley Direct Drinking Water Project 31
Mianyang Jintangfu Direct Drinking Water Project 32
Xindu District Second People's Hospital Medical Housing Relocation Project 33
Relocation Project of Medical Housing in Mulan Town Health Center, Xindu District 34
Construction project of infectious disease area of ​​Nanfang County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanchong City 35
Chengdu Neusoft Education and Health Technology Training Base 36
Anyue Maternal and Child Health Hospital 37
Sichuan Provincial Medical and Health Emergency Industrial Base (Price Phase III) Project 38
Ya'an City People's Hospital Daxing District Construction Project New Area Hardcover Project 39
Chengdu Qianhai Life Insurance Hospital Complex Project East Area Comprehensive Electromechanical Project 40
Reconstruction of Shantytown (Phase II) in Yuanjiashan Urban Village, Xichang City 41
Lantern World in Da'an District, Zigong City 42
23 secondary water supply (pump room) projects in Luzhou 43
Sichuan Shidai power battery production base P2 project (production area) hydropower installation project 44
Water and electricity installation project of P3 project (production area) of Sichuan Times Power Battery Production Base 45
Yibin Wanpeng Times 46
Sichuan University Wangjiang Campus Swimming Pool Reconstruction and Expansion Project 47
Nanjiang County People's Hospital 48
Nanbu County People's Hospital 49
Yibin College Phase II Canteen Refined Decoration Project 50
Yibin Wuliangye 507 Workshop 51
Longquanyi District Auto Smart Innovation Vitality Port Area A 52