Why do you want to use plastic-coated stainless steel water pipes for home improvement?

The place where plastic-coated stainless steel water pipe is generally required to penetrate the wall and be buried in the ground in contact with cement, which can prevent friction, improve corrosion and play the role of heat preservation and corrosion resistance. The anti-rust principle of

plastic-coated stainless steel water pipe is the dense Cr2O3 oxide film formed on the surface of the stainless steel, because the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel in the oxidizing medium suddenly increases. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel mainly depends on the extremely thin and dense passivation film covered by the surface. This passivation film and corrosion medium isolation is the basic barrier for stainless steel protection. If the passivation film is incomplete or defective, the stainless steel will still be corroded.

embedded plastic-coated stainless steel water pipe will make the stainless steel water pipe contact with cement for a long time. The flow and pressure changes of the water pipe in the pipe will cause the vibration of the stainless steel water pipe, thus destroying the passivation film on the surface of plastic-coated stainless steel water pipe . In some places, it will be relatively humid, thus generating a large amount of moisture. Wet concrete will produce a certain degree of corrosion, the corrosion of plastic coated stainless steel water pipe is aggravated.


In addition, plastic coated stainless steel water pipe has better thermal insulation. In particular, the tooth-shaped plastic-coated hot water pipe and the tooth-ring stainless steel pipe have built-in concave grooves to isolate the air and form an insulation layer.

Therefore, the price of plastic-coated stainless steel water pipe is a little higher than that of ordinary stainless steel water pipe, but it is suitable for home decoration that needs to be embedded. The plastic-coated protection will make the water pipe more secure and safe to use.

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