Promotion and Application of Stainless Steel Water Pipe Gas Pipe in Green Building

As a green building and a century-old building, we should pay attention to piping.

A building will not be used without water, electricity and gas, let alone green.

Piping is an important part of the building. Because the investment ratio is small, it is often ignored, so the frequency of problems is relatively high, which is what should be paid attention.

green piping system shall meet the following requirements.

piping must first meet the purpose of the function, with safety, reliability and durability; piping should be the same as the building life, 50 years, 100 years or longer.

In addition to meeting the operating conditions of the system itself, it may encounter environmental problems and the ability to respond to disasters. For example: earthquake prevention, anti-seismic design measures to eliminate secondary disasters; Fire prevention, gas does not cause gas leakage and secondary disasters; Anti-poison: water supply for living is sanitary and does not produce toxins. These anti-disaster capabilities require the pipe itself to be free from defects, and it is necessary to choose an excellent pipe.

At the same time, the piping should be a maintenance-free system, which does not produce lifelong garbage. Under the conditions of use, materials should be used as little as possible to reflect economy.

Comprehensive green building piping requirements and the performance characteristics of pipeline materials, a comprehensive analysis of the current engineering pipes found that in all the current pipeline materials, stainless steel materials have the most material superiority. The

stainless steel pipe structure has the advantage that the durability can be over 100 years. According to the green standard calculation, stainless steel material economy, health, reliability, durability, environmental protection, is the current excellent pipe. The new requirement of building gas pipeline code is not less than 30 years. The pipe should be made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure long-term use in humid and harsh environments, and the service life is not less than 70 years.

stainless steel pipe natural environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, no garbage. One of the biggest advantages of

stainless steel tubing is water conservation.

When the water pipe rusts, the plasticizer precipitates will deteriorate. In order to be healthy, turn on the tap to drain water first. Each household is calculated at 30m. The Φ 16 pipe needs to drain 6kg each time. The waste of this value is amazing.

stainless steel water pipe is a kind of anti leakage, anti drip water pipe. According to statistics, the leakage of water can be reduced by more than 5%.

my country's stainless steel construction water pipes have a history of 17 years since 1998 and are currently experiencing a new development period. The large-scale application of stainless steel water pipes in

buildings began in 1998. The direct drinking water pipe network system in Meilin Village of Shenzhen City is a direct drinking water pilot project of the Ministry of Construction. It has been successfully used in 8 20-storey high-rise buildings, 6 31-storey high-rise buildings and buried pipe networks.

From then on, the curtain of building stainless steel water pipe application was opened. At present, China's stainless steel water pipe market distribution: hospitals accounted for more than 90%; airports accounted for more than 90%; hotels accounted for more than 50%; public buildings accounted for more than 15%; high-end housing buildings accounted for 1.5. China's stainless steel water pipe, gas pipe market potential is huge.