Stainless steel clamping pipe clamping principle

stainless steel clamping pipe fitting is a summary of many construction work. The design concept is to reduce the live joint of the pipeline equipment to be installed, improve the utilization rate of the dead joint, prevent vibration caused by various reasons, leave hidden dangers to the environment, and leave safety risks of water leakage. The clamping connection of

stainless steel clamping pipe fittings does not require welding, winding, and hot melting. That's a special tool for applying high-tech majors. Quick connection, safe and healthy actual operation, the specifications of the pipe cavity and accessories are basically the same, and there is no water obstruction, which well reflects the superiority and substance of high-tech products, and can realize the automatic control in its processing technology. However, these special tools must have precise precision. The basic concept of the clamping principle of

stainless steel clamping pipe fitting is to fold inward according to the axial direction of the vulcanized rubber O-ring to keep water leakage. The melting temperature is paid from 25 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius, there is no direct ultraviolet light, strong and durable. Through the special tool for clamping pressure, the pipe fittings are pressed into hexagonal shape to maintain anti-rotation and deformation of clamping pressure position.


stainless steel clamping type pipe fitting clamping type connection is a better connection of stainless steel clamping pressure pipe fitting. Also known as leaking connectors. stainless steel clamping type pipe fittings clamping pressure connection reliability is higher. The characteristics of the heat-resistant cooling cycle system are also relatively good. Can maintain zero leakage of stainless steel card pressure fittings. This kind of connector is widely used in thermal cooling water supply and drainage, central heating and natural gas industry. At this stage, the earlier sleeve joint type copper connector is the larger proportion in the sales market. In addition, a safer clamp type copper connector can be seen. The leading role in sealing is the reduction of the permanent deformation rate of the vulcanized rubber of the O-ring seal.

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