How to route stainless steel clamping pipe fittings

Home improvement is now a very important thing in the family. Now for the sake of beauty, stainless steel clamping pipe fitting is more troublesome in home decoration. Because it is not only necessary to consider its beauty, but also to consider whether it is convenient to repair during long-term use. In order to allow customers to install according to their own requirements, the following first describes how to install stainless steel clamping pipe fittings.

1. must first measure the size of stainless steel clamping pipe fitting . After the size is set, use a manual cutting machine to cut the excess part. Do not store it in the product to prevent problems during installation.

2. Because there are burrs on the stainless steel clamping pipe fittings, which will affect the future use, we use professional tools to remove the front part of the nozzle of the pipe fittings, and then use it with the file tool.

3. then verify that the stainless steel bayonet fitting seal is correct. There is no indication that the groove section can be fully installed. Forced installation will not only damage the pipe fittings, but also affect the quality after installation.

4. can insert the prepared pipe into the stainless steel card fitting, insert the depth matching the scribed part, where to scribe, refer to the installation instructions or direct measurement to determine.


After the installation preparation work is completed, the following are some rules about wiring:

1. must design the location due to different use environments, so it is necessary to reasonably determine each card according to the actual situation of the kitchen and toilet. The location of the pipe fittings (such as valves, faucets, showers, etc.).

After the 2. positioning is completed, ensure the correct grooving, wall chiseling, depth of the ground groove, and the installed stainless steel clamping pipe fittings are concealed on the wall. In the ground, the thickness of cement mortar suture shall meet the construction requirements in the water pipe dark box. The water pipe cannot be higher than the wall, the shorter the line, the better, and the fewer elbows, the better.

3. pipe quality, stainless steel clamp type pipe fitting hot melt process, the number of underground pipe joints is not required. Because it is a live. Because there are quite a lot of pipes underground, how much coupling has no effect on efficiency. The key to the problem is that the joint process must be standardized, and the quality of stainless steel water pipes must be comprehensively required.

4. then consider convenience and aesthetics. The discharge of the hidden valve of the water channel must consider the convenience and aesthetics of the valve. The location of the concealed valve shall be in accordance with the owner's usage and decorative drawings. When avoiding the corner of the cupboard and the cold hot water pipe, pay special attention to the hot up and down, the left hot and the right cold.

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