Connection Mode of Hebei Clamping Pipe Fittings

Hebei clamping pipe fitting is to insert a thin-walled stainless steel pipe into the socket of the clamping pipe fitting. The stainless steel pipe can be locked in the pipe fitting by using a special clamping tool. The cross-section of the clamping part is hexagonal in different shapes. In addition, there is an O-ring seal between the stainless steel pipe and the pipe fitting, which makes its development have the characteristics of anti-leakage, anti-drawing, anti-vibration and high pressure resistance. Next, I will briefly introduce the connection mode of Hebei clamping pipe fitting .

stainless steel clamping pipe fittings are connected in many ways, but double clamping connection is a common type. Stainless steel pressing parts are widely used in our country for their unique performance. Compression type double wide range, in the chemical, petroleum, mining and other industries, the same is also suitable for household fluid transport.


Hebei clamping pipe fitting compared with the traditional connection management mode, double clamping has the content of complex system engineering information technology, which is suitable for the maintenance and construction of some problems and complex environmental engineering in our country. The double clamping field installation is very convenient and can be installed in a short time, which can reduce the construction time, reduce the cost of production and prevent the possibility of water leakage, at the same time, it can effectively reduce the probability of financial risk events; the connection has high working strength and anti-vibration. The connection of different parts in place at one time effectively prevents the loosening of the interface and has the interface data technology and functional design effect of "five watertight". During the use value period of the building, we do not need to analyze, maintain and replace the double-clamping pipe fittings frequently, thus greatly reducing the cost of pipe fitting renewal products. At the same time, the processing methods of double-clamping pipe fittings are diversified, including forging method, roller method, stamping method, etc.

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