Welding principle of Hebei compression type pipe fittings

Hebei clamping pipe can meet many kinds of device method, the use of some of the device method can also effectively prevent the situation of water leakage, the general pipe quality problem is not very good plus through the use of such a period of time is very easy to present the situation of pipe leakage, then Hebei clamping pipe welding principle is what kind.

Now, many enterprises use the clamp type pipe fittings, sometimes in order to meet industrial needs, need to be directly welded, then what is the welding mechanism?


is in a crystalline state at first, the polymer macromolecular chains and chain segments are frozen, and the molecules move in the air. when subjected to the effect of external force, they can only be deformed in a moment, and the complex state can be restored after the external force disappears. this is the normal application form of Hebei clamping pipe fitting . Then it is the high elastic state. The polymer material molecules of PVC water supply pipe fittings also have the ability to move at the beginning, but the whole biological macromolecular chain still cannot move. Under the effect of external force, it can change greatly and affect deformation. After the external force is released, it can still recover slowly. At this time, the elastic modulus of the polymer is greatly reduced, and the function of the mechanical system gradually becomes worse.

The viscous fluid state is that under the action of external force, the entire macromolecular chain slides and deforms each other, so that the long-chain molecules restack and entangle. In addition to the loss of external forces between long-chain macromolecules, this recombinant morphology can still be maintained. Therefore, when we use it at ordinary times, we should pay more attention.

above is a brief introduction to the welding principle of Hebei pressure pipe fitting . I hope it will be helpful to you.

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