Construction essentials of thin-walled stainless steel clamping pipe fittings

In recent years, thin-walled stainless steel pipes have risen rapidly and quickly occupied the pipe fittings market. They are the ideal drinking water pipes in people's minds. The use effect of thin-walled stainless steel clamping pipe fitting is better, which can achieve the effect that ordinary pipes cannot achieve. The premise must be to correctly grasp the construction essentials.

(1) Be familiar with the tools to be used for installation. Construction and installation personnel should carefully read the instructions and master their use management methods and operation technical skills.

(2) Before, during and after each construction, check whether the installation tools are in good condition, especially the compression tools. If any damage is found, repair or replace them in time. Do not directly use tools that do not meet the standards for operation.

(3) The pipe shall be deburred inside and outside after being cut. It is specially stipulated that there is no eversion burr, so as to avoid the pipe can be inserted into the pipe to cut the rubber O-ring during installation, resulting in leakage after clamping. A special file shall be used for deburring.

(4) Check whether the sealing ring at the end of the pipe socket is intact to prevent the pipeline system from leaking after the clamping is completed due to the uninstalled sealing ring or the damaged sealing ring.


(5) Before the pipe is inserted into the pipe, the length of the pipe must be determined and marked. After insertion, the mark drawn on the pipe must be kept within 3mm from the end of the pipe to avoid falling off, resulting in insufficient actual length of the pipe. In addition, the pipe fittings shall be inserted directly into the pressure pipe fittings and shall not be inclined.

(6) If the fittings and inserted pipes are too tightly matched, clean water can be used to wet the pipes and fittings, and grease lubrication cannot be used, which will denature the rubber sealing ring and cause compression damage and leakage. It should be noted that the regular manufacturers of pipe fittings should be used, at least the same manufacturer, so that the phenomenon of non-uniform pipe sizes can be avoided, to a large extent.

(7) The entire project construction management process should be checked at any time, and the hexagonal gauge can be used to confirm whether the clamping connection is in good condition at any time. There shall be no negligence such as card leakage and inspection, and the quality of installation service shall be ensured.

(8) It is found that the tube is not compressed tightly. It can be re-clamped in place until it is checked with a hexagonal gauge.

above is a brief introduction to the construction essentials of thin-walled stainless steel clamping pipe fittings . I hope it can be helpful to you.

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