Card Type Pipe Fittings Manufacturers: The Efficacy Advantages of Card Type Pipe Fittings

stainless steel pipe fittings have different regions: cast iron drainage pipes of


snap-on pipe fittings manufacturers are easy to corrode and rust, which is harmful to everyone's health. Plastic pipes are easy to cause harmful substances to resist corrosion and do not accumulate scale. It can prevent the worry of yellow rust in stainless steel sink and bathtub caused by pipeline rust. Cast iron drainage pipe is easy to corrode, the application cycle time is short, and the pipeline erosion scale is very easy to cause blockage. Coefficient of linear expansion: stainless steel plate clamping pipe fittings are 1/4 of other steel wire hose commodities. Excessive thermal expansion coefficient causes leakage of heating pipes under the condition of working temperature change. Compressive strength of stainless steel plate clamping pipe fittings is 530. The compressive strength of

plastic pipe is 49, and the compressive strength of injection molded parts is only 0.092 that of stainless steel plate. Heat resistance: the large application temperature of stainless steel plate clamping pipe fittings is guaranteed to be about 120, and the minimum temperature is guaranteed to be 80 for the thermal deformation temperature of 20ABS pipe fittings. plastic pipe fittings are not heat resistant, and harmful substances caused by ignition will have a negative impact on the geographical environment.

Regular Cleaning: Stainless steel plate is a recognized raw material that can be used as a body support point pillar. It is a green ecological environment protection P raw material in the 21 new era. The production and manufacture of tap water pipes with stainless steel plate as raw material has been successfully used overseas for many years. Ultraviolet irradiation: stainless steel plate clamping type pipe fittings without embrittlement. The embrittlement of plastic pipes is more serious under the light source. BS pipe fittings are bonded with ABS colloid solution. However, pig iron corrugated hoses are generally connected by clamps, which are very easy to leak. Other stainless steel pipes are welded and connected, resulting in increased cost and long construction time. The compressive strength of

is not enough, which is the first factor of water leakage caused by external force. The product modeling design is unique: the inner surface of the product is smooth, the friction resistance of fluid mechanics is small, the color is mild, and the product modeling design is unique. Connection saves time and effort: the standard interface of stainless steel plate clamping type pipe fittings is clamping type connection, which is low cost, faster, easy to use and reliable.


Sanqing recommends the efficacy and advantages of snap-on pipe fittings:

1. The construction is convenient, fast and convenient to avoid on-site arc welding, electric welding and wire-setting work, on-site arc welding, electric welding or wire-setting work of pipe fittings. The construction is laborious, high leakage rate, air pollution and easy to cause hazards. The on-site installation of snap-on stainless steel pipe fittings is extremely convenient and fast, the installation time is only 1/3 of that of welded pipe fittings or sleeve wire fittings, which reduces the construction period and cost and avoids water leakage.

2, maintenance-free, upgrade-free, social and economic development performance indicators during the application period of the building, most of the clamping stainless steel pipe fittings do not need to be maintained and upgraded, many of which save the cost of maintenance consumers, and consumer property losses and service hazards tend to be zero.


3. Reliable connection and safety factor. The clamping type stainless steel pipe fittings have high tensile strength and vibration resistance. The connecting parts are "dead" at one time, thus avoiding the possibility of loosening of "live joints.

4, suitable for embedded installation. The clamping type stainless steel pipe fittings take into account the requirements of embedded installation, greatly reducing the probability of leakage of groundwater pipes in hidden geographical environment, and considering the requirements of "Technical Specification for Building Water Supply Thin-walled Stainless Steel Pipeline Engineering" in China CECS153:2003.

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