Card type pipe fittings manufacturers: matters needing attention after installation and insertion of card pressure pipe fittings

Sanqing recommends matters needing attention after installing and inserting the pressure pipe fitting:


1. If the pipe is not bent correctly, please correct it at the straight pipe. Do not correct the parts of the pipe fittings, because the clamped parts may loosen, which is one of the causes of leakage; Hebei pressure type pipe fittings

2. Avoid oil pollution and leakage. If the clamped pipe fittings are found to have oil stains during installation, it is necessary to wipe them in time, especially the rubber sealing ring of the pipe fittings, so as not to cause leakage;

3. If there is slack at the clamping place, it can be clamped again at the original clamping place (pay attention to the hexagonal direction);


5. Special attention should also be paid to drilling the wall. If the installation of pipe fittings requires drilling through the wall, special attention should be paid. Everyone needs to consider factors such as wall mechanism and lines in the wall;

6. When the clamped pipe is not clamped after installation and insertion, the thread must be tightened before clamping to avoid loosening the clamped joint due to tightening the thread;

7. When the pipeline system is used near the coast or where there is a large amount of salt water, anti-corrosion measures should be considered. In addition, we should pay more attention to well water, sea water, hot spring water and fluids with high salt content;

8. Avoid rude operation. Because the stainless steel clamp pipe fittings are thin-walled structures, it is easy to cause depression or deformation, so extrusion and foot stepping should be avoided. During installation;


9. Pay attention to the wiring of the pipeline during installation. Generally speaking, we should try our best to bring pipes and fittings to some hidden corner positions. Attention should be paid to the horizontal and vertical installation of pipes, and the parallel installation of multiple pipes. Horizontal and vertical installation and parallel installation of multiple pipelines can make everyone look more neat and beautiful (avoid clutter);

10. Installation operation must use professional clamping pipe fitting installation tools. The installation of clamping pipe fittings is more convenient and quick than traditional welding. Welding old-fashioned pipe fittings may be more troublesome. Intelligent Industry Company recommends that you use stainless steel clamping pipe fittings for installation;

11. How to deal with the problems that cannot be solved during the installation process? At this time, first of all, do not deal with the damage of the pipe fittings based on your own feelings and knowledge. The correct method is to call the after-sales service phone number of the manufacturer of stainless steel clamp pipe fittings, and the manufacturer's after-sales technicians will provide you with installation technical guidance to solve installation problems;

12. After the installation is completed, don't forget Classify various installation tools, and then clean the installation site of stainless steel clamping pipe fittings (wipe the stains on the pipe). If the wall is dirty during installation, pay attention to cleaning. Finally, take away all kinds of garbage generated by the installation of the pipe fittings and throw them into the trash can; stainless steel clamping pipe fittings

13. After the installation is completed, tests must be carried out to ensure that there is no water leakage. Under normal circumstances, we will conduct a hydraulic test after the pipeline installation is completed. When the water pressure in the pipeline reaches the normal level or slightly higher, carefully observe whether there is water leakage at the pipe joint. If the pipe joint leaks, we must immediately stop the water supply, close the valve, and then repair the leaking part before use;

14. Strictly follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of the pressure-fitting. Do not simplify the installation steps of the pipe fittings in order to save time and effort, which will lead to unstable installation.

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