Sanqing pipe industry: the whole process of forming and processing of pressure-type pipe fittings

Sanqing Pipe Industry Card Pipe Fittings have their own characteristics because of their own characteristics, which promotes the production of its processing technology. Then the whole process of forming the card pipe fittings is.


Sanqing recommends the whole process of forming and processing card type pipe fittings:

Sanqing stainless steel pipe stainless steel plate has typical corrosion resistance and excellent process performance. It can be made into thick-walled pipes that can manipulate the cost. Therefore, various countries have applied and promoted thick-walled stainless steel pipe mobile phone software to produce and manufacture thick-walled stainless steel pipes. Due to its thin wall, the general screw connection method cannot be used. Stainless steel sheet clamp type pipe fittings have corrosion resistance for installation. It has the advantages of stable impact resistance, rapid and simple, and no air pollution. It is a rational connector for thick-walled stainless steel pipes.


Plastic-coated Stainless Steel Pipe in China The Ministry of Housing and Construction of China also issued two national industry standards in 2001, namely, "Stainless Steel Plate Clamping Pipe Fittings" and "Thick-walled Stainless Steel Water Supply Pipe" to promote and market the application of thick-walled stainless steel pipe systems in China's urban direct drinking water systems to ensure the water quality of the power supply system, improve the service life of the pipelines, improve the reliability of the water quality of the water supply system and ensure the health of drinking water, improve the quality of life of residents. Thick-walled tube stainless steel plate clamping type pipe fittings, generally thick-walled tube stainless steel plate straight seam steel pipe as blank, according to cold brittle fracture, arc welding welding, metal surface layer to solve the production process forming.

According to the standard of "Stainless Steel Plate Clamping Pipe Fittings" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Construction of the People's Republic of China, pipe fittings mainly include straight-through, three-way pipe fittings, elbows and other modes, as shown in the following figure. In this paper, the core of these three ways is explained in detail its forming mold, key production process and process. The general process of the


beam forming process is as follows: the raw materials are prepared in advance to expand the pipe, shrink the pipe and flatten it. when brittle fracture is carried out on the stainless steel plate clamping pipe blank, the continuous deformation should not exceed 2-3 times, because the stainless steel plate has strong strain hardening, and continuous deformation can easily cause the raw materials to crack. If the number of deformation is more, a quenching process should be added between the production process to eliminate its compressive strength, which must improve the diversity of the production process, in addition, it will also lead to an increase in costs.

Two deformation manufacturing processes are more appropriate. In order to prevent the resilience after deformation, the diameter specification and model on the flaring die at the outer diameter of the socket part of the pipe beam end need to be properly adjusted, and the three-way pipe fittings are formed after heavy test. After the extrusion force is removed, the polyurethane material polyurethane elastomer repairs the original appearance and can be removed from the pipe. The secondary beam of the extruded rod is a step shaft, and the diameter of the step shaft is equal to the outer diameter and diameter of the finishing tube respectively.

When the wall thickness of the finishing tube is 1.3, the Haff stamping die method is adopted, which is characterized by accurate positioning, convenient and quick installation, and the secondary beam of the flared and necked die should be made of tungsten steel material, and the production and manufacturing performance index of the heat treatment die is of high quality. HRC60 up and down. In addition, stainless steel sheet drawing oil should be brushed during work to prevent deformation. The stainless steel sheet adheres to the mold surface throughout the process, reducing the mold life.) Generally, non-deep wire points are used for the mouth of explosive tee fittings.

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