The manufacturer of clamping pipe fittings briefly introduces the installation of stainless steel water pipe clamping pipe fittings.

Stainless steel water pipes are favored by people because of their sanitation and environmental protection, and their service life is the same as that of buildings. Since 2000, more and more projects have chosen thin film stainless steel water pipes. The connection method of thin-film stainless steel water pipes is recommended to use card connection for pipes below DN100. The following is a brief introduction to the installation method of the stainless steel water pipe clamping pipe fittings.


1. Clamping tools: divided into electro-hydraulic crimping, manual separation hydraulic pressure, direct connection hydraulic pressure and electric separation hydraulic pressure.

2. Clamping accessories: divided into cutting tools), chamfering device), line drawing device, drawing pen, clamping jaw, gauge

3. Raw materials: one section of Yaolong stainless steel water pipe, Yaolong double pressure stainless steel pipe fitting

4. Blanking: special electric pipe cutting machine or manual pipe cutting machine and manual pipe cutting machine should be used; High temperature cutting tools such as grinding wheel saw are not allowed.

When grinding wheel saws must be used, the manufacturers of clamping pipe fittings should kindly remind them to meet the following requirements:

1) Use non-ferrous materials to make grinding wheel saws;

2) Grinding wheel saws are specially used for cutting stainless steel pipes, not for cutting other metal pipes, and stainless steel water pipes will not round after cutting. After cutting, the end face of the nozzle should be smooth and perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, and the allowable value e of the cutting angle should not be greater than the regulations in the table;

The operation method of blanking with a special stainless steel cutter;

1. First, determine the length of the pipe to be cut according to the actual installation needs; measure the pipe with a measuring ruler and make a mark;

2. Hold the pipe with the left hand, align the blade with the scribing line, gently lock the blade with the handle, and then rotate the cutter around the pipe by 720 degrees; then lock the blade again, turn the cutter again, and rotate around the pipe by 720 degrees;

3. The chamfering device is used to clean up the burrs inside and outside the blanking section and strictly prevent the sealing ring from being scratched when the stainless steel water pipe is inserted into the stainless steel clamping pipe.

Finally, the manufacturer of the clamping pipe fittings reminds the following matters that must be paid attention to:

1. Install in strict accordance with the operating procedures without reducing the steps. Civilized operation to prevent rough operation and damage of thin-walled stainless steel water pipes, pipe fittings and tools.

2. Confirm whether there are foreign objects attached to the pipeline and pipe fittings, such as iron slag, oil stains and sundries. It should be wiped clean.

3. When the pipe is bent, please correct it at the straight pipe. The straight pipe can be corrected at the pipe fitting, otherwise it may cause the clamping place to relax and cause leakage.

During the installation and construction process, when the plan is modified or changed, the installed pipeline should be modified, and then connected with the direct joint according to the requirements of the changed pipeline, and the length of the pipeline should be calculated. During the installation process, thin-walled stainless steel water pipes are in contact with different pipes and should be treated at intervals to avoid potential corrosion.