Hebei clamping pipe fittings manufacturers talk about the application of clamping pipe fittings for aluminum-plastic pipes

Hebei bayonet pipe fitting manufacturer explains compressed pipe fitting

for aluminum-plastic composite pipe-people are both familiar and unfamiliar with this auxiliary connection technology. Because it has been in the Chinese market for nearly 20 years, many people have used it, but they have not gradually abandoned it. At present, the application in China is very rare, because people are afraid of leaking pipe fittings.


In fact, clamping pipe fittings are the mainstream pipe fittings widely used in European aluminum plastic pipe connections, why are they not acclimatized in China? Hebei clamping pipe fittings manufacturers to tell you

The core reason is still in the installation, but the problem is not the installation workers, but the upstream enterprises have not been equipped with tools, and accurate guidance of our installation workers just missed the good tools!

, partial sliding of pipeline

is not the phenomenon of

designed for aluminum-plastic composite pipes:

China's separate heating systems, especially radiator heating systems, are mainly connected by sliding grooves, whether they are aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PE-X pipes. However, when the aluminum-plastic composite pipe is connected with the chute attachment, the construction personnel often complain about why the aluminum-plastic composite pipe cracks as soon as it expands.


Why does this happen? First, let's understand the full name of "slip pipe. In GB/T 22051-2008, synovial fluid is referred to as 3354 cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X).

As the name suggests, sliding fittings are not designed for aluminum-plastic composite pipes.

Since the aluminum-plastic composite pipe has no "memory", the excessive expansion of the expansion tool will definitely cause the pipe to rupture (of course, the quality problems of the aluminum-plastic pipe of individual manufacturers are not ruled out).

Using chute fittings to connect aluminum-plastic composite pipes is very dangerous. Even if there is no leakage in a short period of time, it is difficult to ensure that there will be no problems in long-term use. Thermal expansion, cold shaft, pipe aging and other phenomena will cause the joint to loosen. When the aluminum-plastic composite pipe slides excessively, the aluminum layer in the middle of the pipe will directly contact the pipe fitting (brass). Due to the different activities of the two metals, a potential difference occurs, a galvanic cell is formed, electric corrosion occurs, and the pipeline gradually corrodes and leaks.

So, can sliding fittings and aluminum-plastic composite pipes be connected? This issue still needs to be discussed.

2, card pressure pipe fittings are aluminum-plastic composite pipes

customized connection form

in the European market, easy to install and stable, card pressure pipe fittings are the mainstream products connecting aluminum-plastic composite pipes, and the mayor/market share is very high.

is a card press accessory that can be seen everywhere at the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Not only in the connection of the heating system, but also in the domestic water system has a wide range of applications.

In the domestic market, in the Chinese urban construction standard CJ/T 190-2015, "card pressure pipe fittings" are called 3354 aluminum-plastic composite tolerant card pressure pipe fittings.

In other words, the card pressure pipe fitting is a mating pipe fitting that connects the aluminum-plastic composite pipe.

Hebei clamping pipe fittings manufacturers feel that in China, the crime of clamping pipe fittings called "leaking" has long existed. In fact, most of this is due to informal installation, that is, upstream manufacturers do not have a combination of tools, and workers do not use professional tools correctly.