Function and characteristics of double-clamping pipe fittings

Double clamping pipe fittings are more satisfied with the use of different environments in our lives and markets, and they also have corrosion resistance and anti-aging effects in various environments. At the same time, the thin-walled stainless steel water supply pipe is also convenient and durable, and has a long service life. In addition, they are equally reliable, durable and have a long service life in our different projects, including double-pressure fittings that are very suitable for applications and have a longer service life.


double clamping pipe fittings meet the needs of many projects in our lives, and can well meet the environmental needs and applications in different environments. They can have good durability standards in our use, including corrosion resistance and rust resistance after long-term use. The durability of the rubber ring is obviously improved. The double-clamp sealing ring is evenly squeezed from the left and right sides, and will not be squeezed from the side by the double water pressure, which makes up for the deficiency of the single clamp in the application process. It is safe and reliable in applications with high satisfaction.

double clamping type pipe fittings using high-tech processing principle, the use of metal material sealing and rigid and elastic compression ratio principle, using a certain special process manufacturing. Unique materials and advanced scientific production technology make its performance more suitable for this ever-changing and competitive market.

In fact, double-pressure fittings have several advantages.

One has strong anti-extrusion ability, and the pressure resistance is generally three times that of ordinary, which is suitable for high-intensity work, such as water facilities in high-rise buildings.

The second is that the material of the double-clamping pipe fittings is made of good stainless steel, which is cut and processed with precision instruments to make the dimensional accuracy very high, reduce errors and increase adaptability. When it is combined with other pipes, it will not cause damage to the apron when the pipe is inserted.

Three is a double-clamping type pipe fitting sealed in the tube, protecting the skirt and greatly improving the service life. No, because the water pressure is too high, the sealing ring is squeezed out from the side of the pipe. Completely make up for the shortcomings of a single pressure, become a good substitute.

IV is that even at the connection of the pipe, even if the pipe is bent and deformed due to extrusion, the sealing ring will not be damaged.

double clamping type pipe fittings have high connection strength, anti-vibration, and the connection part is "dead" once, avoiding the possibility of "live connection" loosening. Avoid field welding and threading operations. On-site welding or threading of pipe fittings is difficult to construct, with high leakage rate, environmental pollution and risk. The on-site installation of double clamp pipe fittings is very convenient, and the installation time is only 1/3 of that of welded pipe fittings or threaded pipe fittings, which shortens the construction period and cost, and avoids water seepage.

and above are some knowledge points about double clamping pipe fittings. I hope you can seriously study and understand the relevant information, choose the products suitable for your needs, and ensure the smooth progress of the work.